Unknown People from our Past.

Here we have some pictures that we cannot put names to.
In some cases we are not even sure what family they are from but if anyone can identify any one please let me know.
If you have any pictures like these that you think relate to the Luxton's, then why not send me a copy and I will add them to the ones below so we will try and put names to them.

Picture 01: Believed to be:-
Florence Ellen Tubb nee Luxton (1870 - 1938) and William George Tubb (1871 - 1931)
Elsie Hilda Tubb (1905) and Ivy Grace Tubb (1909)
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Thanks to Lorriane Anderson
Picture 02: 'Emily Luxton' formerly Goodall is the lady seated on the left , others unknown.


Picture 03:
Picture 04:
Picture 05:
Picture 06:
Picture 07:
Picture 08:





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