The 'Tong' Family

1928 - Joan Edna
1938 - John Henry
1940 - Lewis
1945 - Jean Anne
1947 - Sandra
1953 - Christina
1964 - Deborah Jayne
1966 - Alison



Arthur Patrick Tong
1932 - 1995


Arthur Patrick Tong  


September 09, 1932 33 Cavell Road, Lakenham, Norwich
Died: April 08, 1995 Norwich - age 63
Parents Arthur Frank Tong
Ethel Daisy Read


Ceceila Mary Fisher  


June 09  
Died: September 08, 2016  
Buried: October 07, 2016 Earlham Crematorium Norwich
Parents Henry John Fisher
Dorothy Hilda Mickleborough



1972 Norwich - Mar quarter (4b 1765)




Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Deborah Jayne Tong    
Alison Mary Tong - Twin    
David Martin Tong - Twin    

File Information:

Arthur with his three sisters
Ethel , Arthur, Paddy & Joan

File Information:

My Memories.... of Uncle Arthur first go back to seeing him in his army uniform, this might sound strange but I can remember him teaching me to knit. He bought a motorbike and I would often sit on it in the back garden of Cavell Road. As I got older he would take me to the Lakenham outdoors swimming baths where the water was very cold most of the time. He was very instrumental in teaching me to swim being a very good swimmer and diver himself, I remember one day I must have been only about 6 or 7 a group of guys on the edge of the pool hit my uncles friend on his back with an inflated car inner tube making a very loud smacking sound and then ran off. Uncle Arthur leapt out of the water and went over to them; I can remember being quite frightened. There were several words exchanged and I can see it now uncle Arthur who was quite muscular and had a very good ‘Mr Universe’ physic just stood there nose to nose with their ring leader assuring him if he tried anything he would seriously regret it, everyone was looking. Finally he backed down and Arthur made them come over and apologise to his friend and one by one they shook his hand. Arthur took me by the hand as they did so asking if I was alright, my fear had turned to pride by this time. ‘This was my Uncle’. We never had anymore trouble.

Uncle Arthur went to work for the railway; my friend Peter Mill's and I would often go down to Carrow Road where just before the railway bridge leading to Clarence Road there used to be a big railway carriage turntable where Arthur would often be working. Peter and I would stand by the railings to watch him turn the steam engines, considering the size and weight the process seemed to take place so easily. Arthur later became a conductor on the Norwich to Yarmouth line, during the school summers holidays uncle Arthur would let Peter and I put our bikes in the parcel carriage then dropping us off at either Brundal, Acle or when we became older, Yarmouth. This was a real adventure as we would then explore the sea front and once I recall the docks were full of herring boats then we would bike home along the Acle Straight. These were times when there was very little traffic.
- Ray Taylor






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