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Richard's Line
1796 John
1804 William
1808 Samuel
1832 Richard
1834 John

John's Line
1754 John
1795 Samuel
1820 William
1826 John
1850 Alfred James
1861 Walter William
1869 William Aldis
1912 Alfred



Alfred Tolman
1912 - 1991


Alfred Tolman  


April 22, 1912 Swaffham - June quarter (4b 562)
Died: 1991 St Andrews Hospital . Norwich - age 79
Parents Frederic Tolman
Annie Oakes


Wife - 1:

Vera Tomkys Westwood  


Dec 2,1907 Umballa , India
Died: 1991 Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Parents Benjamin Westwood
Florence Tomkys

In 1911 Vera's father, born at Tipton Stratfordshire in 1880 married Florence Tomkys, also of Tipton, age 28 on September 19th 1904 at the local parish church. Benjamin was an Army Schoolmaster, following this he was headmaster at Mundford school near Thetford.


1937 Thetford - Sep quarter (4b 977)

1941: Vera Tolman (nee Westwood) became the last headmistess of West Tofts school in the heart of Norfolk. The school is no longer there, it was demolished by the army and is now part of the Stanford Army Training/Battle Area which covers approximately 30,000 acres. There is a short film titled 'The Lost School' which is on Youtub and covers her life there.

As mentioned above West Toft together with Langford, Stanford, Sturston, Tottington villages were compulsorily evacuated in 1942 to form the Norfolk Battle Area now known as Stanford Battle Area.

Vera Tolman records her memories:-
"During the beginning part of the war I was in the Midlands-spending long hours down shelters and crawling through artificially created smog which was to camouflage those cities when Jerry came over.
It was the Coventry raid that finally decided me to return to Norfolk with my child as my husband (Alfred Tolman) had been called up. After a nightmare journey of many hours I stepped off onto Brandon station and took in long gulps of the heady Norfolk air.
I prepared to settle down to just mind my child and occasionally help in Mundford school where my father was headmaster.
However one day as I was busy hanging out nappies on the line in the playground an H.M.I. called at the school and persuaded me to take over West Tofts school. I didn't need much persuading as I had often stayed at the rectory as a child and loved every minute of it.
Having found a girl to mind the child while I was away I bought myself a bicycle and proceeded to pedal to West Tofts each day. As it was late summer when I commenced no one will ever re-live those wonderful autumn mornings through the beech woods and fir trees. It was really peace". Read more

The marriage did not last, Alfred and Vera divorced sometime between 1939 - 1946
In the 1939 Register (September 29th) Vera was recorded as Vera T Czeres (Tolman) which is a little confusing!! As Alfred Tolman was also registered at the same address (Newcastle-under-Lyme. R D, Stratfordshire)
Vera then went on to marry Stanislaw Czeres in 1948 at Wayland - Sep quarter (4b 2030)
Vera died in the Sep quarter of 1991 at Wallingford, Berkshire at 84 (born December 2nd 1907)
Stanislaw died in the Dec quarter of 1996 at Henley, Oxfordshire age 88 (born April 23rd 1908)




Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Michael R. Tolman   Crewe Cheshire

Michael married Christine L. Mitchell at Harrow in 1963
Michael and Christine had children:

[1] Amanda L Tolman
[2] Hazel Christine Tolman

Alfred Tolman and Phyllis Eyers

Wife - 2:

Phyllis Sarah Eyers  


April 18, 1915 Pontypool, Monmouthshire - Jun quarter (11a (35)42)
Died: 1990 Norwich age 75
Parents Alfred Alexander Livingstone Eyers
Alice Ann Dando


1946 Mansfield , Nottinghamshire - Mar quarter (7b 210)



Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Ian F. Tolman   Weyland
Sandra Yvonne Tolman   Lincoln

Ian married Janice M. Howell in 1965 at Tasborough, Church, Norfolk


File Information:

Alfred was born on April 22nd 1912 at Church Farm, Little Cressingham, Norfolk. The census record below shows his family the year before his birth.

1911: Census - Church Farm Little Cressingham Watton Norfolk
Frederick Tolman - Head - Married - age 45 (1866) - Farm Labourer - born East Bradenham Norfolk
Annie Tolman - Wife - married 18 years - age 39 (1872) - born Denham Near Eye Suffolk
Emily Tolman - Daughter - age 15 (1896) - born Little Cressingham Norfolk
Albert Tolman - Son - age 13 (1898) - Farm Work Little - born Cressingham Norfolk
Violet Tolman - Daughter - age 11 (1900) - School - born Little Cressingham Norfolk
Edward Tolman - Son - age 7 (1904) - School - born Little Cressingham Norfolk
Samuel Tolman - Son - age 5 (1906) - School - born Little Cressingham Norfolk
Ella Tolman - Daughter - age 3 (1908) - born Little Cressingham Norfolk
Henry Tolman - Son - age 1 (1910) - born Little Cressingham Norfolk

1912: Birth record - Alfred Tolman at Swaffham - Jun quarter (4b 562) mother's name 'Oaks'

1939: Sep 29 - Register - Alfred Tolman was recorded living at Newcastle-under-Lyme. R D, Stratfordshire together with Vera who was recorded as Vera T Czeres (Tolman) which is a little confusing!!
Also in the National Register of 1939 we find Phyllis (below) baring the surname Tolman!!!
1939: Sep 29 - Register - Phyllis Tolman (Eyers) living at Tredegar, UD Monmouthshire, Wales

1939: About this time Alfred was called up for war service in the RAF.

Alfred was called up for War Service in the RAF. He often told stories of his service in Iceland so we can assume he was part of the 4000 strong troops of the British Army and RAF that arrived in Iceland on May 17, 1940 to relieve the marines after their invasion to secure that island from the Germans in the early morning of May 10, 1940.

1947: Alfred age 35 was demobilised from the RAF and moved to Riseholme near Lincoln where he became a lecturer at the Lindsey Agricultural Training Centre - information from newspaper cutting in 1950

1950: Nov 4 (Saturday) - The Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW. Australia)
Nov 3 - London - A Man and a Woman Shared £101,378 in the highest ever football pool dividend.
It is the first time a dividend has passed £100,000. 1 Winners : from 6d. investments were a comptometer operator, Miss Winnifred Harlock (28), of London, and a lecturer, Alfred Tolman (38), of Lincolnshire, who is married, with two children.
Miss Harlock filled in her coupon and did not bother to check last Saturday's matches to see how she fared. She still had not checked when a representative of the pools firm called on her last night.
Tolman did not claim to be a winner either until notified by the firm.

1950: Nov 10, (Friday) - The Advertiser Newspaper (Adelaide, South Australia)
Won the first £100.000 Pools Win
Miss Winifred Harlork, of Eating, London, and Mr. Alfred Tolman, of Lincolnshire, who between them won £101.278 in the first six figure football pool dividend in England. They received cheques of £50,689 each. - How this artical reached Australia is a mystery.

1950: Nov 1 - Lincolnshire Echo - Alfred and Phyllis with Ian (6 ½) and Sandra (2 ½) at a luxurious hotel in London receiving a cheque for £50,689.

After Alfred got his winning of almost £51.000 (which in today's value would be about half a million pounds) he bought Wood Farm at Reymerston in Norfolk together with the cottages on the main road. He was a generous man and helped many of his and Phyllis's family financially over the years. The farm did not do well so he sold up and moved his family to High Road Farm, Ipswich Road, Upper Tasburgh where he had a new property built on the opposite side of the main road, this was a house and annex which was to be called Greenacres. When completed the family moved in together with his aging in-laws who lived independently in the annex. After a while Alfred sold up and moved to Colney Lane, Gringleford where he took a job working on the creation and planting of the new gardens of the newly built University of East Anglia. After a few years living in Carlingford, NSW Australia he and Phyllis returned to the UK and lived at Tenbell Court, Norwich. Sadly Alfred fell victim to Alzheimer's which slowly took the man we all loved. The final stage for Alfred was to become an inmate in St Andrews Hospital as this deadfull illness took it's toll. He was never to return home, he died in St Andrews in the March quarter of 1991. - Ray Taylor

More on Alfred's Parents

For more information on the Tolman family:
of Norfolk



More on Phyllis S. Eyers

Phyllis had a son John Gilbert Eyers born 1938 at Bedweltly, Monmouthshire - Jun quarter (11a 109)
John served in the army where he did his trianing to become a doctor. On leaving the army John went into General Practice and settled in the Winsor area.

John Gilbert Eyers (1939)
1964: January 3 - Supplement to the London Gazette
Royal Army Medical Corps
John Gilbert Eyers (475020) to be 2nd Lt. (on probation) (Medical Cadetship), 16th Oct. 1963.
1966: August 30 - Supplement to the London Gazette
The undermentioned 2nd Lts. (on probation) from Medical Cadetship to be Lts. (on probation) Pre-registration Commn. on the dates shown:
John Gilbert Eyers, M.B. (475020), 12th July 1966.

Ancesetors of Phyllis S. Eyers
Henry Eyers born 1830 (son of Eli Eyers) married Martha Ann Hale (daughter of Samuel Hale)
Henry and Martha had 4 children:

1/ Alfred Alexander Eyers born 21 February 1863 (see below)
2/ Henry George Eyers
3/ Samuel Eli Eyers
4/ Annie Sarah Eyers

Alfred Alexander Eyers born in Windy Gates, Fife, Scotland on 21 Feb 1863 (machine minder at printing works in 1881 - railway signalman in 1901)
Alfred married Sarah Ann Lyons in May 31, 1884 at Frome, Somerset
Sarah Ann Lyons was born in 1862 at Westbury, Wiltshire and baptised Sep 7, 1862 at Yatton, Somerset.
Alfred died 14 May 1914 in Blaina Monmouthshire, Wales.
Alfed and Sarah had children:

Alice Ann Dando and Alfred Alexander Livingstone Eyers

Children of Alfred Alexander Eyers (1861) and Sarah Ann Lyons.
1/ Alfred Alexander Livingstone Eyers born Feb 9, 1885 at Wookey, Wells Somerset - Mar quarter - (5c 539)
Alfred married Alice Ann Dando born 1885 in 1908 at Bedwelty, Wales - Sep quarter (11a 148)

1911: Census - 15 Glandwr St Aberbeeg Llanhilleth Monmouthshire
Alfred Eyers - Alexander Livingstone - Head - Married - age 26 (1885) - Traffic Foreman Colliery Surface - born Wookey Somerset
Alice Ann Eyers - Wife - married 2 years - age 25 (1886) - born Pontypool Mon
Albert Alexander Eyers - Son - age 1 (1910) - born Aberbeeg Mon

Alfred died in 1968 at Hertford, Hertfordshire age 83
Alice died in 1975 at Hertford-Ware, Hertfordshire age 90
Alfed and Alice had children:

Children of Alfred Alexander Livingstone Eyers (1885) and Alice Ann Dando
1/ Albert Alexander Eyers born 1910

2/ Mabel I. Eyers born 1911 at Pontypool - Set quarter (11a 342)
Mabel married James R. Cole in 1939 at Newport - Sept quarter (11a 593)
Mabel and James (Jim) had a child

Gillian Cole born ? -
Gillian married Leslie unknown and lived at Beconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

3/ Dorothy G. M. Eyers born 1914 at Pontypool - Mar quarter (11a 353)

4/ Phyllis S. Eyers born 1915 at Pontypool - Jun quarter (11a [35]42)
Phyllis married Alfred Tolman (information above)

5/ Kenneth W. Eyers born 1916 at Abergavenny - Sep quarter (11a 94)

6/ Hilda G. Eyers born 1921 at Bedwellty - Jun quarter (11a 243)

7/ Alfred E. Eyers born 1922 at Bedwellty - Sep quarter (11a 190)

8/ Neville Francis L Eyers born 1930 at Bedwellty - Mar quarter (11a 136)
Neville married Audrey E. A. Green in 1952 at Croydon, Surry
Neville died in 1991 at Leeds, Yorkshire
Neville and Audrey had children:

1/ Lorraine A.Eyers born 1954 at Luton, Bedfordshire
Laorraine married Barry E. Rant in 1972 at Hitchin Hertfordshire - Dec quarter (4b 635)

2/ Mark A. Eyers born 1958 at East Dereham, Norolk

2/ Harry Eyers born abt. 1888 at Trowbridge, Wiltshire - died after 1901

3/ William John Eyers born abt. 1890 at Frome, Somerset - died after 1901
William married Annie Lowe in 1910 at Bedwelty, Wales

4/ Frederick George Eyers born in Jun 1891 - died 1892 at Bedwelty, Wales

5/ Gertrude Martha Eyers born in 1893 at Mon. Abertillery, Wales - died after 1901
Gertrude married Leonard T King in 1915

6/ Albert Eyers born 1896 at Mon Abertillery, Wales - died after 1901

7/ Edith May Eyers born abt 1898 at Mon Blaina, Wales - died after 1901 
Edith married Frederick F Slann in 1925

8/ Alice Maud Eyers born 1901 at Mon Blaina, Wales - died after 1901

More on Alice Ann Dando (1885)

Alice Ann Dando's family line below

Alice was born in 1885 at Pontypool - Dec quarter (11a 123) the fouth child of Joseph Dando born about 1851at Ston, Somerset (a Coal Miner) and Emily Simmons born about 1885 at Radstock, Somerset. Joseph and Emily were married Sept 11, 1876 at Radstock, Cluttin, Somerset - Sep quarter (5c 897).

Father: Joseph Dando - born 1851 at Ston Easton, Somerset, England - Son of Gabriel Dando -born unknown
Mother: Emily Simmons - born September 2, 1855 at Radstock, , Somerset, England
Married 11 Sep 1876 Radstock, , Somerset, England
Joseph and Emily had children:

01/ George Henry Dando - born Sep 1877 at Clutton, , Somerset, England.
02. Ada Julia Dando - born 1879 at Radstock, , Somerset,
03. Alice Mary Dando - born Abt 1882 - died Abt 1883
04. Alice Ann Dando - born Abt 1884 at Radstock, , Somerset,
05. Edward Charles Dando - born Abt 1886
06. Oliver Dando - born 1889 at Radstock, , Somerset,
07. Herbert William Dando - born Abt 1890
08. Gilbert John Dando - born Abt 1892
09. Rose Emily Dando - born Abt 1895
10. Kate Matilda Dando - born Abt 1899

It has been said that Alice Ann Dando (1885) wife of Alfred Alexander Livingstone Eyers (1885) has family connections with Jill Wendy Dando and her side of the Dando family. Jill was an English journalist, television presenter and newsreader who worked for the BBC for 14 years. Jill was murdered by gunshot outside her home in Fulham, West London April 26, 1999.
If this is the case then it is way back and would be very distant. This is what I have found:-

Jill Wendy Dando born 1961 at Weston (Weston Super-Mere, Somerset) - Dec quarter (7c 373)
Jill was the daughter of Herbert J. H. Dando born 1918 at Yeovil, Somerset - Mar quarter (5c 440) and Winifred M J Hockey.
Herbert (Jack) and Winifred were married in 1950 at Weston (Weston Supper-Mere) - Jun quarter (7c 793).
Herbert (Jack) Dando was born in 1918 at Yeovil, Somerset - Mar quarter (5c 440)
Herbert was the son of Herbert George Dando and Mary Axe.
Herbert George Dando and Mary Axe were married in 1917 at Yeovil - Jun quarter (5c 606)
I believe Herbert George Dando was born in 1889 at Clutton, Somerset - Sep quarter (5c 555)
And this is were (Clutton, Somerst) the connction could take place - more work to do......




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