The 'Read' Family



Ellen Maude Read
1902 - 1931
Ellen with three of her children
Evelyn , Thomas & Frances

Some of the information below including the picture was very kindly provided by
William Moore Docherty
of Scotland
William (Bill) is the eldest grandson of Ellen Maude Read



Ellen Maude Read  


1902 Sprowston - St Faiths - Mar quarter (4b 97)
Died: Dec 1931 Dundee, Scotland - age 29
Buried:   Dundee, Scotland
Parents Walter Samuel Read
Susannah Elizabeth Goffin
Ellen was always known as Nell or Nelly


William Moore  


1898 Leven, Fife
Died: 1956 Dundee, Scotland - age 58
Buried: 1956 Eastern Cemetry in Dundee
Parents Francis Moore

Francis Moore had a cobblers business in Dundee



1919 St Faiths - Dec quarter (4b 324)




Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Evelyn Ellen Moore June 16, 1920 32 Shipfield, Wroxham Road, Sprowston
Norwich - Jun quarter (4b 284)
Frances Moore Dec 19, 1922 Dundee, Scotland
Thomas William Moore August 8, 1925 Dundee, Scotland
Margaret Moore November 1927 Dundee, Scotland
Ellen Ferman Moore December 13, 1931 Dundee, Scotland


File Information:

1911: Census - St Faiths, Sprowston Norwich
Walter Read - Head - age 42 (1869) - Carpenter - born Hempnall Norfolk
Elizabeth Read - Wife (Married13 years)- age 42 (1869) - born Sprowston Norfolk
Emma Buck - Dau - Single - age 22 (1889) - Boot Trade Machinist - born Sprowston Norfolk
Lily Buck - Dau - Single - age 18 (1893) - Boot Trade Finisher - born Sprowston Norfolk
Ellen Read - Dau - Single - age 9 (1902) - School - born Sprowston Norfolk
Mable Read - Dau - Single - age 7 (1904) - School - born Sprowston Norfolk
Edith Read - Dau - Single - age 4 (1907) - born Sprowston Norfolk
Ethel Read - Dau - Single - age 1 (1910) - born Sprowston Norfolk

This letter was found in Ellen sister's (Ethel Tong's) papers - It's very moving
December 23, from William Moore, 23 Kinnaird Street, Dundee - Husband of Ellen (Nell) Read
My Dear Ethel - Received your letter this afternoon I know how you must feel it was a terrible blow to me. especially after your own Dear Mother I can't really believe she is gone yet but it is all to true. I wish I had never sent you the letter building up your hopes but really we thought after nearly a week she was going to pull through but you see her heart was in a very bad state and she was so weak after her operation.
It was on Saturday at 10 minutes past One we were sent for and I don't know how I got over to the infirmary yet I was in such a state. When I got over I had to wait for about half an hour before I could see her as the doctor was giving her treatment just then. I got up to see her at 2 o'clock and as soon as I saw the oxygen tube in her nostril I knew she was very ill yet she talked away to me and asked me if I had had a letter from you and of course I told her not yet, but I got your letter after I left her and came home about 6 o'clock Saturday night.
I went back to see her at 7 o'clock and told her I had received your letter and it seemed to cheer her up a little but I sat beside her for some time but she did not seem inclined to talk much so I told I would go away and come back later she said don't come no more to-night as I might be asleep but I knew she would soon be having her last long sleep. I said alright just to humour her and went away. I went over again that night about eleven o'clock and found her much about the same only she was terribly fevered I had to wipe her face two or three times with her towel I sat with her for about 40 minutes and then had to go downstairs as the nurse wanted to give her some sort of treatment I went back again about 12 o'clock and found her a kind of dazed but still sensible enough to now me. She told me she had only two more hours but she actually lived 4 hours.
If I live to be a hundred I shall never forget my last parting with my Darling we may never have had much of the worlds goods the time we have been together but we both loved each other she told me to call the Dear Baby Ellen Ferman Moore and to see and look after the children, where to get this and where to get that she kissed me and I kissed her even the nurse was nearly crying. I don't know how I suffered it even now as she was just a Real Gem and was worth her weight in Gold. I only hope God gives me health and strength to see my dear children able to do for themselves then I wont worry as I will never rest until I see her again. She also told me to tell you all not to worry that she would be alright I don't know why she was took from me but the Lord has his own way of working and her tasks on this earth must have been done, We will just have to suffer on and put our shoulders to the wheel as I know she would not change places with any of us tonight, I know it's hard but please try and bear up Ethel for the sake of your children as I am trying to do although it will be an awful job to do it.
It will not be a very Merry Christmas for us but these things just happens and no-body knows the reasons for them. Well I think I will draw to a close now as I can't bear to write and more, Hoping this finds you all at home as well as can be under the circumstances
I Remain you Loving Brother In-Law William Moore


More on William Moore

William went to work in the Caledon shipyard in Dundee as a riveter's mate and worked there till he died. I remember going down to the yard with him when there was a launching. He never remarried and as far as I know never got involved with any other woman so he must have loved my gran a great deal. He died in 1956 and is buried in the Eastern Cemetry in Dundee. - Bill Docherty

More on children of Ellen Maude Read and William Moore

1 - Child of Ellen Maude Read & William Moore
Evelyn Ellen Moore (1920) born June 16, 1920 married Francis Docherty a jute preparer.
Evelyn died February 21. 1992
They had 6 children: 4 boys and 2 girls

William Moore Docherty - born 1940 - William was named after his grandfather.

2 - Child of Ellen Maude Read & William Moore
Frances Moore (1922) born December 19. 1922 married Peter Ogilvie a PT Instructor in the RAF.
They had a child: 1 daughter

3 - Child of Ellen Maude Read & William Moore
Thomas William Moore (1925) born August 8. 1925 married Kathleen unknown from Leicester.
They had children: 4 sons and 2 daughters

Tommy was a very intelligent man and worked his way up to be a Jute Mill manager and from there went into business on his own. He became Lord Provost of Dundee and Lord Lieutenant of the county 1973 - 1975. - Bill Docherty

4 - Child of Ellen Maude Read & William Moore
Margaret Moore (1927) born November 1927 married Jimmy Rowell - whom she met while serving in the Wracs or some other arm of the forces. Jimmy was an Englishman and moved down to Sidcup where she lived until her death
They had a child: 1 daughter.

5 - Child of Ellen Maude Read & William Moore
Ellen Ternan Moore (1931) born December 13. 1931 married David Butchart who was a mill mechanic.
They had a child: 1 daughter

Ellen became known as Helen and was brought up in her infancy by her father's sister Ellen known as Nell. Her father also had another sister called Margaret. - Bill Docherty









My mother Evelyn was the only one born in Norwich. The rest were born in Dundee. So it would seem that Grandfather and Gran moved north sometime between June 1920 and December 1922.






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