The 'Luxton' Family



Albert George Luxton
1914 - 1976
Albert and Katharine with baby Pauline


Albert George Luxton  


June 1, 1914 St Giles, Reading - Sep quarter 2c / 692
Died: March 4, 1976 Age 61
Parents Frederick William Luxton (1876)
Edith Kitty Chapman


Katharine Mary Hodgson  


May 22, 1915  
Died: Living  
Parents Walter Edward Hodgson
Eleanor Emma Bowring



1944 Wincanton - Dec quarter 5c / 761





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Pauline Ann Luxton 1947 Haverfordwest - Jun quarter 8c / 595



File Information:

Albert George Luxton (1914) - Albert married Katharine Mary Hodgson in 1944 - Wincanton Dec quarter 5c / 761
They had a child:

I have had communication from John Trott (retired Lt. Commander) living now in Queensland, Australia who was an ex Parkstone boy. John is researching past Officers; ‘Captain Superintendants’who were all held with much attention and respect, saying "it's only fitting to have a remembrance to the PSTS Officers, who gave their time so we boys had a chance in life". John has told me that his reseach is only in its early stage, but below is is some of that information. - Thanks John

Age 10
: - Albert joined the Reading Blue Coat School as a day boy

Age 12
- Albert became a boarder at the school and left in 1929.

Age 15
- Albert joined the Royal Navy

Age 30
July HMS EMERALD (D66) Captain FJ Wylie RN.
A light Cruiser - 9,500ton (full load)
She was built at Armstrongs, Newcastle upon Tyne, commissioning:1926.
Speed: 33 knots, 7 (single) x 6" Guns
HMS EMERALD, saw service in the Far East, Atlantic Convoy duties and then at the Allied Normandy Landings.
Lieutenant A.G. Luxton RNVR had a seniority date for promotion of July 1944, whist he was on EMERALD.

Age 32
: October 29, - The London Gazette - Issue No: 37772 - Page 5311
Tempy. Lt. (R.N.V.R.) A. G. LUXTON transferred to R.N, in rank of Lt. (A) with seniority. of 14th August 1942.
There are several other entries in the Gazette which I’m attempting to verify.

Age 36
September 5, - The London Gazette - Issue No: 39011 - Page 4486
Promoted: Lt. Commander A. G. LUXTON. Date: 14th Aug. 1950.

Age 37
September 14, - The London Gazette - Issue No: 39333 - Page 4823
Lt . Commander A.G. LUXTON placed on the Emergency List; date Effective 23rd August 1951
'Placed on the Emergency List’ means retiring from the RN

Age 44
: Entry in the Reading Blue Coat School 'News of Old Blues Aldworthian', Easter Term, 1958 written by OB Secretary, F S Way
“A G Luxton (1924 – 1929) appeared on television recently with his wife when Princess Margaret visited Dr Barnardo’s Home, of which he is the head at Crowborough.”

Age 48 - 50
1962 - 1964:
- Albert was Captain Supt.of Dr Barnardo's - Parkstone Sea Training School - Amongst his many duties was the sad job of closing the school.

I have discovered a reference to AGL on the Parkstone Sea Training School website which reads:
I still remember Cmdr Luxton as he had a young daughter who another old boy, Bonwell, and myself went to see at Barkingside a while after the school closed and enjoyed the use of the swimming pool with her. I also used to look forward to matrons tea parties on a Sunday evening which I was lucky to get invited to quite regularly - Johnson L. House: Arranmore, House Number: 41. from 1960 - 1964. -


Parkstone Sea Trianing School  

There is a Profile page on Commander Luxton on the "Officers and Teachers" menu button of the Parkstone website sbove.


01 - Child of Albert George Luxton (1914) and Katharine Mary Hodgson 

Pauline Ann Luxton born 1947 - - Pauline married Alan Sims
They have children:

1 - Joanne Mary Ellen Sims - born 1970
2 - Antony William George Sims - born 1972
3 - Lucie Emma Ann Sims - born 1976












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