The 'Luxton' Family



Edith Rose Luxton
1903 - 1970


Edith Rose Luxton  


1903  St Mary, Reading - Dec quarter (2c 339)
Died: 1970 Reading , Berkshire - age 67
Parents Robert Charles Luxton (1873)
Sarah Ann Colton


Horace Howard Harris  


1904 St Mary, Reading - Sep quarter (2c 355)
Died: 1984 Reading & Wokingham, Berkshire - age 80
Parents Joseph George Harris
Lousia Ann Shepherd



1929 Reading Register Office - Dec quarter (2c 1120)





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Jean K Harris * more below 1930 St Mary, Reading
Brian Howard Harris * below 1933 St Mary, Reading
William (Billy) M. Harris * below 1944 Reading,
Eileen H Luxton * more below 1946 St Mary, Reading

Below I have listed Rose's children and any information I can find relating to them - Our direct line can be seen in the main menue



File Information:

1911: Census - 2 Hope Place Reading, St Mary, Berkshire
Reference: RG14PN6559 RG78PN326 RD121 SD1 ED4 SN145 - RG number: RG14 - Piece: 6559
Sarah Ann Luxton - Head - Married - age 37 (1874) - born Reading St Marys
Dorothy Luxton - Daughter - age 11 (1900) - School - born Reading St Marys
Rosie Luxton - Daughter - age 7 (1904) - School - born Reading St Marys
Daisy Luxton - Daughter age 3 (1908) - born Reading St Marys
Robert Luxton - Son - age 1 (1910) - born Reading St Marys

A Memory
Every Friday my mother (Dorothy Colton nee Luxton) and I would go to the family home at Jesse Terrace, Reading to see my grandmother (Sarah Luxton) it was cleaning day and we would help my Aunt Rose and my cousin Jean to go through the house. At that time my mother's sister Edith Rose or Rose as she was known, her husband Horace and my cousin Jean lived in another part of the house. This was during World War Two and Uncle Horace was away fighting the Germans in France, we all knew things were not going very well and our troops were in retreat to the beaches at northern France. There had been no word from Uncle Horace for sometime so it was very worrying times.
It was not un-usual for mum and I to stay over for tea as my father was at work and it was company for my grandmother and Aunt Rose. This particular Friday whilst we were having tea the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard coming up the steps to the front door followed by a long ring on the door bell. We all rushed to the door and were confronted with a larger than life figure of Uncle Horace. We were so relieved that he was alive and well but our joy soon turned to laughter because from the waist down he was wearing a kilt, sticking out from the bottom were two lily white bare legs followed by these big black army boots.
Uncle Horace had been fighting in France and he was one of the many hundreds of troops to be evacuated from Dunkirk. Whilst on the beach making his way to one of the rescue boats he lost his trousers together with £5 that he had in his pocket. £5 was the equivalent to about three weeks wages in those days but due to the immense danger, desperation and the complete confusion that was going on round him he could not find them anywhere. This was a time when many things were in short supply and on his return to England Uncle Horace found the stores empty so he was left trouser less. He desperately wanted to get home to see his wife so one of his mates came to the recue and lent him a kilt. - Rene Horne (nee Colton)

More on Horace Howard Harris

Horace's parents
1887: Marriage record - Joseph George Harris married Lousia Ann Shepherd at Reading - Jun quarter (2c 676)

1911: Census - 21 Little Street Reading Berkshire
Joseph Harris - Head - Married - age 49 (1862) - Mainlayer Water - born Farringdon
Louisa Harris - Wife - married 23 years - age 47 (18640 - born Reading
Ernest Harris - Son - Married - age 22 (1889) - Painter - born Reading
Louisa Harris - Daughter - married 1 years - age 24 (1887) - born Reading
Ada Harris - Daughter - Single - age 20 (1891) - Factory Lass - born Reading
Albert Harris - Son - Single - age 18 (1893) - Butcher - born Reading
Harry Harris - Son - age 15 (1896) - Errand Boy Grocery - born Reading
Hilda Harris - Daughter - age 13 (1898) - born Reading
Joseph Harris - Son - age 10 (1901) - born Reading
Horace Harris- Son - age 7 (1904) - born Reading
Edith Harris - Granddaughter - age 1 (19100 - born Abertillery Monmouth
Leonard Harris - Grandson - age 6 months (19110 - born Reading

More on Children

01 - Child of Edith Rose Luxton (1903) and Horace Howard Harris 

Jean K. Harris (1930) - Jean married John Dewar in 1949 at Reading St Mary the Virgin - Dec quarter 6a / 189
They had children:

Ian R. Dewar
Kelvin P Dewar - died in 1979
Malcolm Dewar - died in 2013
Jennifer Rose Dewar

02 - Child of Edith Rose Luxton (1903) and Horace Howard Harris 

Brian Howard Harris (1933)
No further information

03 - Child of Edith Rose Luxton (1903) and Horace Howard Harris 

William (Billy) Harris
No further information

04 - Child of Edith Rose Luxton (1903) and Horace Howard Harris 

Eileen H Luxton (1946)
No further information








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