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Robert Luxton
1739 - 1812
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Robert Luxton  


Abt 1739 Brushford, Devon
Died: 1812 Brushford
Buried: June 27, 1812 Brushford - age 73
Parents Bernard Luxton
Margery Cockwill


Elizabeth Stuckey  


Abt 1735  
Died: 1815 Brushford, Devon
Buried: June 27, 1815 Brushford, Devon - age 80



January 27, 1766 Wembworthy, Devon





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
John Luxton * see left menu Abt 1766 Brushford, Devon
George Luxton * see left menu Abt 1770 Brushford, Devon
Elizabeth Luxton * more below Abt 1772 Brushford, Devon
William Lethbridge Luxton * Abt 1778 Brushford, Devon




File Information:

Robert Luxton was baptised at Brushford on Jan 29, 1739

Robert Luxton a yeoman farmer at Bishops' Cottage in Brushford, was the executor of the will of his father Bernard luxton buried at Brushford November 15, 1765. There are no details of the will which was destroyed in the Exeter Blitz.

Two Brushford Contracts relating to Robert's business transactions are preserved in the Devon Records Office. They need to be consulted for full details as Brian Luxton informs us that he has only seen the barest abstracts. In the first an assignment dated July 15 1778, Robert is described as a yeoman of Bishops' Cottage in Brushford, and in the second, a counter lease for 21 years from Lady Day 1778, made the following day July 16, 1778, Robert was now described as Robert Luxton of West Rewe in Brushford and he agrees to pay a rental of £19 for the messuage called West Reeve, alias West Rewe, to Robert Luxton of Brushford Barton, gent who retains timber rights on the property. The Brushford Land Tax Assessment needs to be consulted, to establish if Robert continued to farm at West Reeve after 1799, when the lease was due to end. Robert Luxton was buried at Brushford on June 27, 1812 and his will was proved at Barnstaple on April 18, 1813. Again details have not survived the blitz. His widow, Elizabeth, who died aged 80, was buried at Brushford on June 27, 1815.

01 - Child of Robert Luxton (1739) and Elizabeth Stuckey 

John Luxton 1766 - See main menu

02 - Child of Robert Luxton (1739) and Elizabeth Stuckey 

George Luxton 1770 - See main menu

03 - Child of Robert Luxton (1739) and Elizabeth Stuckey 

Elizabeth Luxton 1772 - Elizabeth was baptised at Brushford on May 26, 1772
Elizabeth Luxton married James Francis in Brushford on January 29, 1799
No more information

03 - Child of Robert Luxton (1739) and Elizabeth Stuckey 

William Lethbrige Luxton 1778 - William was baptised Mar 7, 1778






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