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Often whilst doing family history research I have come across some very interesting life stories. Like most family history we are left with more questions then answers so I thought I would start to list them in a hope that someone could fill in some gaps and likewise if there are mistakes we can have the chance to correct it so we finish with as near accurate account as possible.

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The Rev Robert Barry - Rector of St Mary's Church North Tuddenham - Son of Robert Barry Esquire, Ship Owner & Ship Builder of Whitby, Yorkshire.

Sir James Bailey - Son of William Bailey, (Farm Labourer) of Mattishall - From School a Farm-boy - General Servant - Hotel Owner - Director of Harrods - Member of Parliament - Knight of the Realm

Norman Wrighton - Actor, Author, Dramatist Playwright, Poet & Music Hall Artist
Norman Wrighton - This was not to be his final curtain

John Hoy & Family - Mattishall Clock and Watch Makers

Edward Sparke - Wine merchant, Miller, Brewer and Farmer - Owner of The Maltings& The Crown and Anchor, Mattishall

James Gunton - Mattishall Blacksmith - 'Swing Rioter' - Convict

The three below are all part of the same project:-
Benjamin Eglinton - Chemist , Druggist - Convict
Matilda Martha Simmons - Free person, Emigrated to Tasmainia - one of many single woman of marriage age to help balance out the population of the then Colony.
Mark Brooker - Sentenced to death for stealing a roll of linen - reprieved to transported for life

William Eglington - British Spiritualist and Medium

Mattishall's Crime and Punishment - A collection of interesting newspaper articles relating to our local area.

Mattishall's War Dead - In memory of our young men who were killed in action.

Quebec Hall - East Dereham - The history of Quebec Hall, built by the Rash family about 1759

Rash Family of East Dereham - Files and parish records 1600's to eary 1800's

Eckling Grange - Norwich Road - East Deareham

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