The 'Horne' Family

1856 - Eliza Jane
1858 - Jemima Emma


Rosemary Joy Horne


Rosemary Joy Horne  


1963 Mattishall, Norfolk
Parents Russell William Horne
Irene Margaret Colton

Husband: 1

Mark Farrow  


1964 Bradwell, Norfolk
Parents David J. Farrow
Teresa C. Jonus



1985 Mattishall Norfolk



Children with Mark


Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Joshua William Farrow   Mattishall, Norfolk
Bethany Rose Farrow   Mattishall, Norfolk

Husband: 2

Neil Charles Molony  


1964 Croydon, Surry
Parents Dermot Joseph Molony
Eva Mary Timon



2005 Kinver, Staffordshire

Children with Neil - None



File Information:


More on Neil Charles Molony

Neil Charles Molony born January 29, 1964 son of Dermot Joseph Molony (1921) and Eva Mary Timon (1928)
1989: Nov 18 - Neil married Alison Laura Parry (1963) at Heysham, Morecombe, Lancashire.
The marriage was dissolved - unknown.
Neil and Alison had Children:

1/ Edward John Austin Molony
2/ William Joseph Ralph Molony

2005: June 25 - Neil married Rosemary Joy Farrow nee Horne at Kinver, Staffordshire

Neil's parents
1921: Birth record – Dermot Joseph Molony at Brentford – Jun quarter (3a 308)
Dermot married Eva May Timon (1928-1999)
1960: Marriage record – Dermot J. Molony (age 39) married Eva M. Timon (age 32) at Surrey North – Sep quarter (5g 971)
More on Eva below.....
Dermot and Eva had a child?

1964: Neil Charles Molony born at Croydon, Surry

Eva died: - April 27, 1999 at Esher, Surry. Age 71
Dermot died: - August 15, 2013 at Kniver, Staffordshire. Age 92

More on John Molony (Neil's Grandfather)
John Molony born 1888 at Furnisstown Feacle, Co Clare, Ireland - Not sure if it is Feacle of Feakle
Neils's family have very little information on John or his immediate family background.
However we have a few leads - We have been told that John was born in 1888 at Feakle - so in 1901 he would have been aged 13.
Record 1 shows a John age 11 (incorrect) but in the right birthplace of Feakle, Co Clare (correct).
Record 2 shows a John age 13 (correct) but in Drumquin, Co Clare (incorrect)
Is one of the below Neil's Grandfather and ancestors?

More on Anastasia Buckley (Neil's Grandmother)
Anastasia Buckley born in 1882 at Siberreen, Co Cork, Ireland - Parents unknown - Died about 1972

No record at this time when Anastasia came to England

(Age 19)
Census - April 24 - Hereford Herefordshire
Institution – School and Orphanage of The sisters of Charity of the Order of St Vincent de Paul
Cecily Arundell - Head - Single - age 55 - Superior Nunn - born Hardour, Wilkshire
Anastasia Buckley – Border - Single - age 19 (1882) - Teacher at school - born Ireland

(Age 29)
Census - 37 Chamberlin St - Wells Somerset
Amela Hill – Head – 50 – Dressmaker – own account – Wells Somerset
Anastasia Buckley – Boarder - Single - age 29 (1882) – Assistant Teacher – born Thomastown Kilkenny (Resident),
Herbet Small – Vistor – age 3 – born Hanstow, Somerset

Could this child belong to Anastasia as it was born in the same area where they lived?
1914: Birth record – Vera D. Buckley (Mother Buckley) at Brentford – Sept quarter (3a 395)
1914: Death record – Vera D. Buckley at Kensington – Sept quarter (1a 141) age 0

(Age 35)
1917: Marriage record – Anastasia Buckley married James Hickey at Sevenoaks – Mar quarter (2a 1346)
Anastasia and James had a child: - sadly a year later in 1918 Ansatasia tragically lost her husband and their little daughter.

1917: Birth record – Sarah M. Hickey at Brentford – Dec quarter (3a 223)
1918: Death record – Sariah H Hickey at Brentford – Jun quarter (3a 168) - age 0

During the period 1917–1918 James Hickey died – it was said that he died in the First World War?
There are several James Hickey’s killed in the First World War (several Irish) but nothing to link them to Anastasia.
Family memory recall that he died in the March of 1918 so this seem the most likely:-
1918: March 30 - James Hickey Died – Private James Hickey of the Irish Guards – Service No 10764 1st Bn.
Memorial: Arras Memorial, Panel Ref: Bay 1 - No additional information

1920: Anastasia had a relationship with John Molony (1888) Furnisstown Feakle, Co Clare?
No marriage record has been found – it is understood that Anastasia and John did not marry.
Anastasia (age 39) and John (age 33) had a child:

1921: Birth record – Dermot Joseph Molony at Brentford – Jun quarter (3a 308)
Father: John Molony 'Soldier'
Dermot was brought up by his Aunt Margaret (Anastasia's sister) - More on Margaret below

Things were much different in the 1920's with little or no financial assistance so bringing up a child and doing a full time job was a daunting future for any single mother. For whatever the reason Dermot was brought up by his Aunt Margaret (Anastasia's sister). Anastasia was thought to taken work in the Portsmouth area.

1972: Death record - Anastasia Hickey at Oxford, Oxfordshire - age 90.

More on Margaret Buckley (Anastasia’s Sister)
Margaret Buckley (1878-1963)
1913: Margaret Buckley (age 35) married Joseph J. Keely (1885-1917) at Brentford – Jun quarter (3a 326)
Thomas was killed in the First World War - see below
Margaret and Joseph had a child:

1915: Birth record – Joan E. Keely at Brentford – Dec quarter (3a 248)
1940: Joan E. Keely married Thomas F A Dover at Brentford – Sept quarter (3a 1369)
Joan and Thomas had no children - the marriage was dissolved date unknown.
1965: Death record Joan E. Keely at Hammersmith, London - Dec quarter (5B 676) under her maiden name - age 49

1963: – Death record – Margaret Keely at Dealing– Mar quarter (5E 101) age 85

More on Joseph J. Keely (husband of Margaret Buckley)
1917: October 4 – Joseph Keely Died - Private Joseph J. Keely age 32, Service Number G42878 of the Middlesex Regiment 16th Bn. Memorial Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 113 to 115
Additional information: Husband to Margaret Keely of 10 Codershaw Road, West Ealing, London
West Ealing was then in the district of Brentford.

More on Eva May Timon (Neil's Mother)
Eva May Timon was born April 24 1928 at Lissergool, Tibohine, Co Roscommon
Daughter of James Austen Timon and Margaret Feeney
Eva Died: April 27 1999 at Esher, Surry

Eva's Parents
James Austen Timon born April 6 1894 at Lissergool, Tibohine, Co Roscommon – Died August 23 1963 at Lissergool, Tibohine, Co Roscommon.
Margaret Feeney born 1902 at Portahard, Frenchpark

Eva had two brothers:
Leo Timon – born: 1930 – Died: December 26 1970 at Lissergool, Tibohine, Co Roscommon.
Ambrose Bernard Timon – Born: June 27 1933 – Died: May 21 1938 at Lissergool, Tibohine, Co Roscommon.

There is much more information on Eva and her Timon family at the site below put together by Vivian Timon








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