The 'Horne' Family

1856 - Eliza Jane
1858 - Jemima Emma



Lilian Jemima Horne
1892 - 1973
Lillian was the mother of Russell Smith
One of Mattishall's best loved charactors - See Below


Lillian Jemima Horne  


July 20, 1892 Old Palace Road Norwich: Norfolk
Died: December 2, 1973 West Norwich Hospital - Age 81
Parents Frederick William Horne (1860)



Charles Herbert Smith  


January 29, 1894 Low Street, North Tuddenham, Norfolk
Died: Jun 03, 1975 Mattishall
Parents John Smith
Hannah Holland



May 26, 1917 Independent Chapel, Old Moor Chapel, Mattishall





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Russell Smith October 29, 1919 Mattishall


File Information:


Lillian (Lily) Jemima Horne 1892-1973 - (81 years)

Daughter of Frederick William Horne and Elizabeth ??

Born:- 20th July 1892, Old Palace Road Norwich: Norfolk

1901: Census - Dereham Road, Mattishall
William Horne - Head - age 69 - Shopkeeper (Grocer) own account - born Mattishall
Sarah Horne - Wife - age 69 - born Mattishall
Emily Horne - Dau - single - age 48 - born Mattishall
Lily Horne - G/Dau - age 10 - born Norwich

1911: Census - Dereham Road Mattishall E Dereham
Emily Rosa Horne - Head - Single - age 59 (1852) - Draper born Mattishall, Norfolk
Lily Jemima Horne - Niece - Single age 18 (1893) Servant Domestic - born Mattishall, Norfolk

1917:- 26th May, Married at the Independent Chapel, Old Moor Chapel, Mattishall
Lillian Jemima Horne, age 23, Spinster, Mattishall
Charles Herbert Smith, age 23, Tractor Engine Driver, Mattishall
Father; Frederick William Horne, Whitesmith
Father; John Smith (deceased) Agricultural Labourer
Witnesses; Robert Smith, (uncle) George Horne, (Brother) Evelyn Kate Smith (Sister) & Emily Rosa Horne (Aunt)
Minister; F. Brown …. Entry 12 (information from Marriage Cert.)

1919:- 29th October, Son Russell John Smith was born, Mattishall

1939: Census - The Quackers, Badley Moor Mattishall
Charles Smith - Head - born Jan 29th 1894 - Ag Engineer
Lily Smith - Wife - born Jun 20th 1892 - Unpaid Domestic Duties
Russell Smith - Son - born Oct 29th 1919 - Ag Motor Transport Duties

1949:- 29th January Emily Horne (Ernie’s wife) died at Norwich, age 71. (From Lily’s Diary’s)
1949:- 9th May, brother George died, buried at Wymondham. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1950:- 6th January, Electricians finished wiring house.
• 16th May, Electric Light ON, Meter put in.
• 19th June, Cooker fixed to use.
• 29th December, Arthur Godfrey died…… (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1952:- 23rd May A.J. Farrow died in nursing home.
• 10th September, fetched car from Cromer. New Austin A40 Somerset F/4 Saloon Reg No NVF 318 for the some of £754, 7 shilling and 3 pennies. …… (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1955:- 31st January, Brother Percy died.
• 4th February, Percy’s funeral at St Faiths Crematorium.
• 5th December, Sister Edie died
• 8th December, Edie’s funeral……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1958:- 15th April, Charlie Earl moved to Easton Dog Pub
• 13th May, Doctor came, had Phlebitis.
• 30th June, Russell went back to work after 7 weeks looking after me with Phlebitis. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1959:- 13th August, Sister Gertie died in the Norfolk Norwich Hospital, age 75.
• 12th December, Fowls pest broke out 243 birds effected. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1960:- 27th January, Russell bought Austin Truck from Rix’s of Fakenham.
• ? February, Sister Alice’s husband Bill Wrench died.
• 14th February, Fowl Pest withdrawal Order.
• 26th April, Mrs. Farrow moved to Gorlston.
• 11th May, Electric Organ induction at the Chapel (Welgate) Muriel switch on.
• 6th December Fowl Pest confirmed, 163 birds effected. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1961:- 31st January, Declared open from Fowl Pest.
• 23rd March, Sister Alice married Alfred Wright.
• 25th July, Mrs. G. Farrow went to Brunswick Hospital at night.
• 26th July, Mrs. G. Farrow died, age 60.
• 8th August, Gillian started work in Norwich GPO.
• 17th August, Charlie & Russell went to the Lawyer & Mr. Chapman came to survey the land.
• 4th October, Son Russell married Madge Brend (formally Earl) at Dereham Church.
• 8th ? Refusal of building site. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1963:- 29th October, Charlie sold his Morris car to Mr. Meal of Southborough………. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1964:- 1st June, A.J. Farrow’s business & lorries was sold to Walpole & Wright.
• 1st June, Russell started working for Walpole & Wright.
• 5th October, Russell & Madge took over Mrs. Harrison’s house.
• 7th October, Charlie finished work at A.J. Farrow’s after 57 years
• 28th November, Russell & Madge moved into Notch View. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1965:- 27th February, Gillian’s wedding at Dereham.
• 13th June, Gillian’s 21st Birthday.
• 17th August, Russell & Madge had their car, Ford Popular. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1966:- 6th November, Our cat Tiny died, age 20 years. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1967:- 11th February, Russell & Madge moved to Stone Road, Toftwood.
• 23rd March, Mrs. Doris Farrow went into West Norwich Hospital.
• 26th May, Brother Bertie died, age 84.
• 27th May, We went to Russell & Madge’s for our Golden Wedding Party.
• 1st June, Bertie’s funeral,
• 7th June, Press photographer came to take photo’s of Charlie and me and presents.
• 7th June, Congratulations Letter from MP at the House of Commons
• 13th June, Mrs.Doris Farrow died at the Norfolk Norwich Hospital. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1968:- 5th June, Russell Horne connected us to the mains water.
• 11th August, Gillian’s baby Andrew Christened. ……. (From Lily’s Diary’s)

1973:- 2nd December, Died Age 81:- West Norwich Hospital, of Congestive Cardiac Failure and Gangrene to the left foot due to arterial embolism Diabetes Mellitus, certified by B. I. Anazodo M.D. From death cert, Entry 60 EA855308

Oct 19 - 20th went to Mattishall Evangelical Church Opening

About:- Husband; Charles Herbert Smith 1894 - 1975 (81 years)

Son of John Smith (Agricultural Labourer ) and Hannah Holland

Born January 29th 1894 at Low Road, North tuddenham - Lived at Yaxham, Howletts Cottage for 6 months - Moved to Filded Cottage, Yaxham, 1901 age 1, 1895 - Moved to Dereham Corner House, Mattishall - 1910 (April) moved to quarker House, Mattishall.
Started work a A J Farrows in 1907 after leaving school at 13 years old - Married May 26th 1917 - Lived at the Croft for 5 years Then Mattishall Shop House 2 1/2 years - Moved to Quacker House in 1926 - 1964 retired from A J Farrows after 57 years.

1871: Census - Nr The Rectory Yaxham
Hagar Smith - Head - Widow - age 59 - Farmer 36 Ac Emp1m - Norfolk - Whinburgh
John Ju Smith - Gson - age 12 - Scholar - Norfolk - Yaxham
Robert Smith Gson - age 8 - Scholar Norfolk - Yaxham

1879: Marriage record - John Smith married Hannah Holland at Mitford - Dec quarter (4b 796)

1881: Census - Rawbrig Lane Shipdham, Norfolk
John Smith - Head - age 22 Farmer of 50 Ac 1Man 1Boy - Yaxham
Hannah Smith - Wife - age 23 - Farmers wife - Garveston
Hager Smith - Grand Mother - Widow - age 70 - Whinburgh
Robert Smith - Brother - age 18 - Ag Lab - Yaxham
William John Smith - Son - age 1month - Shipdham
Susanna Smith - Sister - age 16 - Shipdham

1891: Census - Yaxham
John Smith - Head - age 32 - Farm Lab - Yaxham
Hannah Smith - Wife - age 33 - Garvestone
William John Smith - Son - age 10 - Scholar - Shipdham
Edith Mary Smith - Dau - age 7 - Scholar - Shipdaham
James Henry Smith - Son - age 6 - Scholar - Mattishall
Harriett Christine Smith - Dau - age 3 - North Tuddenham

Born:- 29th January 1894, Low Street, North Tuddenham, Norfolk

1894:- Birth Cert entry Mitford, Mattishall No: 134….John Smith
Mothers Name; Hannah Smith formally Holland
Fathers Name; J. Smith, Farm Labourer, North Tuddenham.

1894:- July, lived at Howlett’s Cottage Yaxham

1895:- Moved to Field Cottage Yaxham 1 year old.

1901: Census - Yaxham
John Smith - Head - age 43 (1858)
Hannah Smith - Wife - age 42
James Smith - Son - age 16
Frederick Smith - Son - age 9
Chalres Smith - Son - age 7
Everlyn Smith - Dau - age 4
Winifred Smith - Dau - age 2

1901:- Moved to Corner House, Mattishall

1907:- Age 13 started work at A. J. Farrows

1910:- April, Moved to Quaker House, Mattishall

1911: Census - Yaxham Road Mattishall E Dereham Norfolk
Hannah Smith - Head - Widow - age 53 (1858) - born Garvestone Norfolk
James Smith - Son - Single - age 26 (1885) - Farm Labourer - born Mattishall Norfolk
Frederick Smith - Son - Single - age 19 (1892) - Baker Assistant - born N Tuddenham Norfolk
Charles Smith - Son - Single - age 17 (1894) - Farm Labourer - born N Tuddenham Norfolk
Evelyn Smith - Daughter - age 14 (1897) - born Yaxham Norfolk
Winifred Smith - Daughter - age 12 (1899) - School - born Yaxham Norfolk

1916:- 12th December, C. H. Smith 23052 Army form W. 3291 Classification Certificate, ‘A’ Fit for general service.

1917:- 6th March, Temporary exemption granted from Military Service until 1st May 1917, Cert No 156 at the Guildhall, East Dereham.

1917:- 26th May, Married at the Independent Chapel, Old Moor Chapel, Mattishall
Lillian Jemima Horne, age 23, Spinster, Mattishall
Charles Herbert Smith, age 23, Tractor Engine Driver, Mattishall
Father; Frederick William Horne, Whitesmith
Father; John Smith (deceased) Agricultural Labourer
Witnesses; Robert Smith, G. Horne, Evelyn Kate Smith & Emily Rosa Horne
Minister; F. Brown …. Entry 12 (information from Marriage Cert.)

Lived at the Croft for 2 ½ years

1926:- Moved to Quaker House, Mattishall

1935:- 6th April, bought Morris Car (VF 1780) off ?? 90 Southwell Road, Norwich, for £15.00

1961:- 4th October, Son Russell John Smith was married to Madge Brend
Marriage Cert D7 212900, No 173
Russell John Smith, age 41, Bachelor, Lorry Driver, Quaker House, Mattishall
Madge Brend, age 46, Widow, Clerk, 67 Norwich Street, Dereham
Father, Charles Herbert Smith, Agricultural Engineer.
Father, Frederick Bertram Earl, Farmer.
Witnesses; Charles H Smith, Charlie Earl

1964:- Retired after 57 years with A. J. Farrows.

1975:- Jun 3rd - Charles Herbert Smith died
1975: Aug 5th - Probate - £18204

About:- Russell Smith 1919 - 2009 - (89 years)


Russell Smith of Welgate Close, Mattishall – died in the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital on 9th September following a car accident.

‘Russell was Mattishall’ and Mattishall was everything to Russell.

He was born in Mattishall on the 29th October 1919, the only child of Charles Herbert Smith and Lilian Jemima (Horne). They lived at the Quaker’s House, Dereham Road, Mattishall.

Russell attended the Mattishall village school, and was a popular pupil he was also a member of the school and village football teams.

On leaving school Russell followed in his father’s footsteps and worked for A. J. Farrow of Mattishall, who's business was 'Motor Transport and Threshing Contractors' the villages largest ever employer, (information on Farrow's can be found on the Mattishall village website under the HISTORY section). Starting in 1937 until 1953 when Mr. Farrow died and the business was taken over by Walpole’s, Russell continued to be a loyal employee until his retirement in 1984.

Russell married Madge Brend 4th October 1961, daughter of Fred Earl (landlord of the Swan public house Mattishall). He thought the world of Madge’s daughter (from her first marriage) Gillian, and was always talking about her family. Madge and Russell were both very active within the village and when Madge died in 1997 he found it difficult to stay at home on his own. He soon became one of Mattishall’s best known, respected and loved village characters.

Russell attended almost every event and meeting within the village, he was a member of most of Mattishall’s clubs, he would support everything in the village that he could, and his letters would often appear in the Dereham & Fakenham Times and EDP voicing his opinion on various local topics, he was once a guest on Radio Norfolk.

If you wanted to know anything about this area or Mattishall’s past he was the ‘oracle’ he could not only give you facts but he would embroider the enquiry with many a story. He had a remarkable memory. The stories would often be told with a little twinkle in his eye and a nudge, nudge, wink, wink! On many occasion he would pull open his little old suitcase and present an old picture or newspaper cutting to back it up.

My own personal relationship with Russell could fill many pages but his enthusiasm for village matters and local history was the inspiration behind me starting the Mattishall Village Website, to which he contributed many hours.

He had a real dry Norfolk wit – One of his neighbours told me that after attending a recent funeral of a village shopkeeper (the day before his accident) he said “I think I’m going to be next” to which he replied ‘What makes you say that’ “cause the undertaker kept looking me up and down, I think he was measuring me up!”

He would attend every funeral in the village to pay his respects and more and more times recently saying ‘goodbye’ to old friends.

Russell was very proud of the fact that his Great Grandfather William Horne bought the decommissioned Duke of Edinburgh public house (now known as Edinburgh House) in 1896 and went on to sell the front of his property to the Methodists so they could build a church in 1900. His Aunt Emily Horne also gave some land so they could build a stable (now the church rooms). It is very suiting that this church is where his Thanksgiving Service was held and wherever he is Russell will have that sideways smile and twinkle in his eye pleased by the recognition of his family connections with the building and such goings on.

This Thanksgiving Service on the 22nd September will be the first funeral service in the village that he has missed for a long time but a lot of people were there to say goodbye to an old friend.

He will be greatly missed.

Ray Taylor



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