The 'Horne' Family

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Eva Ann Horne
1885 - 1918
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Eva Ann Horne  


January 22, 1885 Mattishall
Died: Oct 22, 1918 Croydon - Dec quarter (2a 817) - age 33
Buried: 1918 Croydon - Plot 14 : Grave 6762
Parents William Mann Horne (1858)
Bertha Dann

Fred and Eva
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Brian Rollinson


Frederick William O'Leary  


Dec 12, 1885 Woolwich - 1886 Mar quarter (1d 1265)
Died: April 21, 1921 Croydon - Jun quarter (2a 357) age 35
Buried: 1921 Croydon - Plot 14 : Grave 6762
Parents Edward O'Leary
Florence Mary Alberta Fisk

Frederick's early death has recently been classified as a First World War Casualty - see the sad details Below



Dec 31, 1910 Kensington - Dec quarter (1a 297)



Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Molly Frances O'Leary Mar 14, 1912 Medway Kent - Jun quarter (2a 1378)
Herbert Edward O'Leary July 13, 1913 Medway Kent - Sep quarter (2a 1561)

Herbert died age 5 - See below
Death record Herbert M O'Leary age 4 at Croydon - Dec quarter (2a 831)


File Information:


Eva Ann Horne's Story
Eva Ann (1885) Eva was born on Thursday January 22nd 1885 at Mattishall. There is no record of her baptism but she first attended Mattishall school on July 5th 1890, together with her younger sister Florence Kate Horne. The family were Primitive Methodist so she would have also attended the village Methodist Church, which was then behind the village store on church plain, now known as 'Tabnabs.' Eva was the daughter of William Mann Horne (1858) a Tailor of Mattishall and Bertha Dann - Eva's mother died on April 5th 1889 during a Flu Outbreak in Mattishall, Eva was just 4 years old. By a dreadful twist of fate it was an illness which would take Eva in 1918.

In 1901 we find Eva as a ‘Under Housemaid’ age 16 working for Charles B. Norgate a Solicitor and his wife Eliza together with there two children and two other domestic servants at 6 Quebec Street, East Dereham. Sometime after this Eva had moved to London for in 1910 at the age of 25 Eva married 24 year old Frederick William O’Leary a full time boy Soldier at Kensington, London. Frederick William O’Leary was born in the March quarter of 1886 at Woolwich Kent the son of Edward O’Leary and Florence Mary Alberta Fisk.

In the 1911 census it records Frederick as being born about 1886 at Woolwich Kent which confirms the above, he was recorded as a 'Gunner' in the 18 Company Royal Garrison Artillery Garrison Sheerness Military Barracks at Kent. During the 1914-1918 war the 18 Company manned the Eastern Coastal Defences. He must at sometime gone into action as later we discovered that he was wounded in the head - see below.

The 1911 census shows Eva and Frederick were living apart, we assume as his military position did not give accommodation to wives of service personal. Eva was a 25 year old Domestic Cook working for 77 year old Widow Eugenia Moira, together with her 45 year old daughter Nina and two visitors from Paris at 56 Abingdon Villas Kensington West London.

Eva and Frederick had two children: Molly Frances O'Leary born 1912 and Herbert Edward O'Leary born 1913.

On Tuesday October 22nd 1918, Eva at the young age of 34 and heavily pregnant died at home (20 Percy Road, South Norwood, London), she died of Spanish Flu. Frederick's mother was attending to her at the time, she was recorded present at death. Frederick's mother lived in the same road at number 39.

Twelve days later on Sunday November 3rd young Herbert O'Leary aged just 5 was to suffer the same fate, he also died of Spanish Flu. Again Frederick's mother was nursing him, this time at her house. 39 Percy Road. She was recorded also present at young Harry's death. She must have been distraught. It is hard to believe what she must have gone through, not only witnessing her daughter in-law dying in such an awful way and then we assume arranging and attending her funeral but then to go through the same thing all again losing her little grandson all within a few days

Eva Ann Horne born January 22, 1885
Daughter of William Mann Horne (1858) a Tailor and Shopkeeper and Bertha Dann of Mattishall

1891:- Mattishall census page 22:Schedule No.154: 35 South Green
William M Horne, Head, Mar, aged 33, Grocer & Tailor, born Mattishall
Alice M Horne, Wife, Mar, aged 28, born Costessey
Eva A Horne, Daughter, aged 6, Scholar, born Mattishall
Flora K Horne, Daughter, aged 4, Scholar, born Mattishall
Arthur E Horne, Son, aged 2, born Mattishall

1901: Census - 6 Quebec Stree, East Dereham
Charles B. L Norgate - Head - Solicitor - born North Elham, Norfolk
Eliza Norgate - wife - age 61 - born Isington
Beatrice S. Norgate - dau - Single - age 30 - born East Dereham
Emma C. Gooch - Ser - Single - age 32 - Cook Domestic - born Cley, Norfolk
Charlotte Cooper - Ser - Single - age 23 - Housemaid Domestic - born Gillingham, Norfolk
Eva A. Horne - Ser - Single - age 16 - Under Housemaid Domestic - born Mattishall

1910: Marriage record Eva Ann Horne married Fredrick William O'Leary at Kensington - Dec quarter (1a 297)

1910: Dec 31st - Marriage at St Philips Church Kensington - Entry 147
Frederick William O'Leary age 26 a Bachelor, Soldier of Garrison
Eva Annie Horne age 26 a Spinster of 56 Albion Villas W
Fathers: Edward O'Leary a Corporal & William Horne a Grocer
Witness: Annie Maydew & Sidney Combes

1911: Census - 56 Abingdon Villas Kensington W, London
Eugenia Moira - Head - Widow age 77 (1834) born London
Nina Moira - Daughter - Single - age 45 (1866) - born London
Dorothy Tunstall - Visitor - Single - age 21 (1890) - Professional Musical - Home in Paris
Arthur Tunstall - Visitor - Single - age 19 (1892) - Engineer Fitter Visitor - Home in Paris
Eva Oleary - Domestic Servant - Married - age 26 (1885) - Cook Domestic Visitor - Home Norfolk
Ella Pitman - Domestic Servant - Single - age 24 (1887) Parlourmaid - born Devonshire
Eva's husband Frederick was living at the barracks - in the record there seems to be confussion over his marital status

Meanwhile Frederick was here:
Census - 18 Company R G A Garrison Sheerness Military Barracks, Kent
Frederick William O'Leary - Single ? - Gunner - age 26 (1885) - born Woolwich Kent

1912: Birth record - Molly F O'Leary at Medway - June quarter (2a 1378)
Mar 14 - Frederick and Eva were living at 7 Otway Street Chatham, Kent - Frederick was a Police Constable.

1913: Birth record - Herbert E O'Leary at Medway - Sep quarter (2a 1561)

1918: Oct 22nd - Eva Ann O'Leary died of Spanish Flu age 33 years
1918: Frederick and Eva were recorded as living at 20 Percy Street, South Norwood, London - Occupation Army Pensioner

1918: Nov 3rd - Herbert O'Leary (Frederick and Eva's son) died of Spanish Flu age 5 years

More on Frederick William O'Leary

Frederick remarried:
April 26th - Frederick William O'Leary married Edith L Herbert at Croydon - Jun quarter (2a 921)
1919: Apr 26th - Marriage at St Marks, The Church of Holy Innocents South Norwood Surrey - Entry 250
Frederick William O'Leary age 32, Widower, Switchman of 39 Percy Road
Edith Lilian Herbert age 23, (1896) Spinster of 5 Milton Avenue East Croydon
Fathers: Edward Francis O'Leary a Master Tailor in the Army & Walter James Herbert a Motor Mechanic
Witness: Florence M A Mummery and Leslie William Mummery

I believe this to be Edith:-
1894: - Birth record - Edith Lilian Herbert at Westham - Dec quarter (4a 371)

1921: April 21st - Frederick William O'Leary died (took his own life) age 35
1921: - Frederick was living at 20 Percy Street, South Norwood, London - Fredrick was an Electrician (Switch Board Attendant)

Armistice day was November 11th 1918, although the troops had begun to come home in the summer and with them came this virulent virus which could kill its victims in less than a day. It is claimed Spanish Flu took more lives than the war itself and more than the Black Death.

The real victims of this tragedy are Fredrick and his daughter Molly for within a few days their whole lives had been shattered and changed forever. It is not clear where Eva and her young son Herbert are buried.

From all accounts Frederick was wounded in the war and discharged on June 26th 1916 with shrapnel in his head

Frederick remarried on April 26th 1919 to Edith L Herbert at Croydon, they were still living at Percy-road. However happiness was not to last - Frederick had survived the war, albeit wounded, he then endured the awful experience of losing his wife and son to Spanish Flu so we will never know how this all effected him or what went on in Fredericks mind, but from all accounts his wounds, the loss of his wife and his son must have been to much to take, for on, Thursday, April 21st, 1921 he took his own life.

Croydon Times 27/04/1921

Shrapnel Wounded Ex-Soldier Ends His Life

A pitiable story of the suffering of an ex-serviceman who in 1915 sustained a severe shrapnel wound in the head, which later resulted in paralysis of the right side, was unfolded at an inquest conducted by the Borough Coroner (Dr. H. B. Jackson) at the Union Offices Croydon on Monday morning of Frederick Wm O’Leary (34), a switchboard attendant, who resided at Percy-road, South Norwood. He was found suffocated in the kitchen of his house last Thursday evening.“A PIECE OF SHRAPNEL IN THE HEAD”
The widow Mrs. E. L. O’Leary, stated that deceased had been in the Army, and whilst discharged on June 26th, 1916, suffering from the effects of a shrapnel wound in the head. He was paralyzed in the right side, and witness believed that he had a piece of shrapnel in his head which could not be extracted. He always complained of pains in the head.
Recently he had had an attack if influenza and only recommenced work on Tuesday last. Witness last saw him alive on Thursday morning. He then saw her off at South Norwood station when she went to London.
Returning to her home that same evening, witness found the door locked, and receiving no answer, after knocking for some time, she went to he brother-in-law’s house and informed him. He brought a ladder, climbed in through one of the upstairs windows, and opened the front door. On entering witness proceeded to the kitchen and opening the door smelt gas. She rushed across and opened the window, and in doing so kicked the body of her husband, which was lying on the floor.
In reply to the Coroner, witness said that when deceased saw her off at Norwood Junction he seemed strange in his manner.
He had had fits of depression, but never threatened to take his life. One night last week, when suffering in his head, he asked witness to give him something to put him out of his misery.
The Coroner produced a letter addressed to the widow “and others” which was written by deceased. In it he said: “No doubt when you get this I will be gone. I cannot stand the pain in my head any longer. I have stood it as long as I can, but I feel as though I am going mad.”
Frederick Wm Mummery, Percy-road, South Norwood, brother-in-law, stated that Mrs O’Leary came to his house on Thursday evening and asked him to force the door of her house as she could not enter. Witness procured a ladder and entered though one of the bedroom windows. He smelt gas strongly, and as Mrs O’Leary was almost in hysterics, he took her away. When he returned the body had been removed to the backyard.
William Edward Stanley, labourer of Stanley-road, said he was called into the house by Mrs O’Leary. He went onto the kitchen, the door of which was ajar. Mrs O’Leary followed witness and witness also kicked the body, which was lying on the floor. He led Mrs O’Leary out of the room and then opened the doors and windows. Witness on looking round, saw the body on the floor, which was covered with a quilt. Witness did not touch the quilt, but ran out to the door to call the police. As he reached the doorway he met PC Fitzgerald.
Dr. A.R. Mansell said when he examined the body it was quite cold. He was under the impression that deceased had been dead about two hours. The doctor attributed death to gas poisoning.
P.S. Fitzgerald (30Z) said at 9:20pm on Thursday, he was called to the house and preceded to the kitchen saw the deceased lying down covered with a quilt. With assistance, witness carried the body to the yard and immediately sent for the doctor. Witness inspected the kitchen and found the tube of a gas ring has been attached to a bracket, and apparently deceased had placed this in his mouth. He also found a letter near by. Witness tried artificial respiration, but without effect.
A verdict of “Suicide while of an unsound mind” was returned, and the Coroner remarked that the people who first arrived on the scene should have tried to first get the man out into the air. He, however greatly appreciated the prompt action of the Police Sergeant.
The widow also thanked the police officer for his assistance.

Frederick's early death has recently been classified as a First World War Casualty and is remembered in the United Kingdoms' Book of Remembrance.' as below

In Remembrance of
Service Number 15646
Died 21/04/1921
Aged 34
1st Bn. Royal Garrison Artillery

(Served as ELDER, Charles William). Son of Edward O'Leary;
Husband of Eva Anna O'Leary (nee Horne) of South Norwood, London.

It is not clear at this time why Fred served as Charles William Elder and Alias O'Leary??

Frederick's Family Timeline

Frederick’s parents:

Florence Mary Alberta Fisk (1859 - 1941)
Courtesy of
Brian Rollinson
Edward Francis O'Leary (1852 - 1886)
Courtesy of
Brian Rollinson

Frederick’s father:
1855: Birth record – Edward O’Leary at St Pancras – Jun quarter (1b 102) - or -
1852: Edward Francis O'Leary in 1852, at Co. Cork Ireland.

Edward was baptised in St Mary Ross Cork July 1852 his mother & father being Julia MURPHY baptised Boherboy/Boherbue 1826 His father Timothy Henry (O') LEARY b. about 1830. They had 6 children, Edward Francis .Angela, Hannah. Mary & Margaret & James.

Edward came to England in 1868/9 and joined the army. He died in 1886 at Colchester Essex where he is buried. The whereabouts of his grave is known,

Frederick’s parents:
1878: Marriage record –
Edward Francis O’Leary
married Florence Mary Alberta Fisk at St. George Hanover Square – Dec quarter (1a 772)
Florence was born Apr 28th 1859 at St Georges Hanover Square the daughter of Herbert Steverson Fisk a Cabinet Maker and Sarah Ann Fell
Edward and Florence had children:

[1] Edward Herbert O'Leary born Jan 29th 1879 at St George Hanover Square Mar quarter (1a 417)
Edward served in the Royal Navy. In 1925 there is a record of a marriage to a Elizabeth Gard However, in 1939 he was recorded as single and now retired, he was living at 138 London Rd Bognor Regis, Sussex, with John & Mary Pledge where he was a Labourer. He died in 1949 age 70 at Chichester

[2] Kathleen Frances Margaret O'Leary born in the Mar quater of 1881 at Orsett (4a 283)
Kathleen married Ernest John Richard White a Boot Repairer in the Jun quarter or 1908 at Croydon
In 1939 they were living at 132 Boundaries Rd Battersea where Earnest was Boot Maker & Repairer Instructor LCC Institutes
Kathleen died in 1941 age 61 at Battersea

[3] Elizabeth O'Leary is born Apr 4th 1883 at Malta
In 1939 Elizabeth was Refreshment Managress at Refreshment Room Chapel Station Southport, she was single

[4] Frederick William O’Leary in the Mar quarter of 1886 at Woolwich (1d 1265)

1881: Census - Tilbury Fort
Edward O'Leary - Head - age 28 - Corp Royal Arty - Irland
Frances M A O'Leary - Wife - age 19 - Pimlico, Middlesex
Edward H O'Leary - Son - age 2 - Pimlico, Middlesex
Kathleen O'Leary - Dau - age 4months - Chadwell St Mary, Essex,

Frederick’s father died
1886: Death record – Edward O’Leary at Colchester – Jun quarter (4a 231) age 33 (1853)
Edward was a full time soldier and we assume he was at Colchester Barracks

So it appears that Frederick never knew his father, he was brought up by his stepfather (below)
It also appears that his mother’s family ties where around the St George Hanover Square area as she was born and married there twice and as we will see Florence and William would have six children all registered at St George Hanover Square.

Fredrick’s mother remarries
1887: Marriage record –
Florence Mary A. O’Leary married William Mummery at St. George Hanover Square – Sep quarter (1a 931)
William Mummery was born on July 25th 1860 in Saint Mildred’s parish, Canterbury, Kent - son of John George Mummery (born 1828), a shoemaker, and Sophia (Ellis) Mummery in Saint Mildred’s parish, Canterbury, Kent .
Florence and William had children:

[1] Florence Jannetta Mummery was born in the Sep quarter of 1888 at St Geo Han Sq (1a 398)
Florence married James Stephen Bates or Sydney Grantham Combs in the Dec quarter of 1909 at Croydon (2a 618)

[2] Reginald Mummery was born in the Dec quarter of 1890 at St Geo Han Sq (1a 375)
Reginald appears to have married Maggie S. Short in the Jun quarter of 1924 at Lewisham (1d 2083)

[3] Bertha Amy Mummery was born in the Jun quarter of 1892 at St Geo Han Sq (1a 443)
There is no marriage record of a Bertha that resembles this Bertha but there is an Amy B.
Amy B Mummery married William F. Ehlers in the Mar quarter of 1938 at Thanet (2a 1997)
This is just a guess!!!!

[4] Edgar Walter Mummery was born in the Jun quarter of 1895 at St Geo Han Sq (1a 433)
Edgar married Helen Morris in the Dec quarter of 1915 at Bromley (2a 1583)

[5] Cecilia Ruth Mummery was born in the Sep quarter of 1897 at St Geo Han Sq (1a 468)
Cecilia married John C. Pugh in the Mar quarter of 1917 at Croydon (2a 567)

[6] Leslie William Mummery was born in the Dec quarter of 1900 at St Geo Han Sq (1a 414) - Sept 16th 1900
Leslie married Mary Barnes in the Dec quarter or 1919 at Croydon (2a 960)
Mary was born on Oct 16th 1897 at 94 Swingstone Road, Thorton Heath, Croydon, Surrey - daughter of Thomas Barnes (1862) and Mary Etheridge (1871-1955)
Leslie and Mary had 6 children - Peggy, Joan, Kathleen, Reginald, Frederick & Lorna.
Kathleen Mummery married Gordon Walter Udell at Brentford in the March quarter of 1944 - Gordon was born on Sep 5th 1918 at Stettler, Alberta Canada the son of George Walter Udell and Rosemary Harper - Gordon and enlisted in the Armed Forces on the 17th of July 1941 - He was a Machinist, Welder, Ticketed Electrician, Utility Manager, Councilor for 7 years and Mayor of Valemount 1974 to 1979- He died on Mar 16th 2012 age 94.

1891: Census Westmount Street
William Mummery - Head - age 30 - Shoemaker - Cantabury
Florence Mummery - Wife - age 30 - Pimlico London
Elizabeth O'Leary - Step-dau - age 7 - Malta
Fredrick O'Leary - Step-son - age 5 - Woolwich Kent
Florence Mummery - Dau - age 2 - Pimlico London
Reginald Mummery - Son - age 7months - Pimlico London

Kathleen was here
Census - The Soldiers Daughters Home Hampstead, London
Kathleen Frances Margaret O'Leary - Labourer - age 10 Scholar - Tilbury Fort, Essex

1901: Census - No 7 Depot Royal Artillery
Frederick O'Leary - Soldier - age 15 - Woolwich Kent

Meanwhile Fred's mother and family were here
Census - 4 Effingham Street St George Hanover Square
William Mummery - Head - age 40 - Boot Maker / own account at home - Canterbury, Kent
Florence Mummery - Wife - age 40 - Pimlico London
Florence Mummery - Dau - age 12 - Pimlico London
Reginald Mummery - Son - age 10 - Pimlico London
Bertha A Mummery - Dau -age 9 - Pimlico London
Edgar A Mummery - Son - age 6 - Pimlico London
Cecilia R Mummery - Dau - age 3 - Pimlico London
Leslie Mummery - Son - age 5months - Pimlico London

1903: Aug 20th - At the age of 19 Fred joined the Royal Garrison Artillery for a 9 year Short-Service - He cliamed he was Charles William Elder but alias Frederick William O'Leary. Service number 121469 - WHY, we may never know!! - So why this name, did it means someting to him or did he just make it up? - There was a Charles William Elder born Aug 10th 1850 at Kensington the son of Charles Elder an Historical and Portrate Painter and Caroline Geary who had married in 1845 at St Pancras.

(age 24)
Marriage record - Fredrick William O'Leary married Eva Ann Horne at Kensington - Dec quarter (1a 297)

1911: Census - 18 Company R G A Garrison Sheerness Military Barracks, Kent
Frederick William O'Leary - Single ? - Gunner - age 26 (1885) - born Woolwich Kent

Eva was here
Census - 56 Abingdon Villas Kensington W, London
Eugenia Moira - Head - Widow age 77 (1834) born London
Nina Moira - Daughter - Single - age 45 (1866) - born London
Dorothy Tunstall - Visitor - Single - age 21 (1890) - Professional Musical - Home in Paris
Arthur Tunstall - Visitor - Single - age 19 (1892) - Engineer Fitter Visitor - Home in Paris
Eva Oleary - Domestic Servant - Married - age 26 (1885) - Cook Domestic Visitor - Home Norfolk
Ella Pitman - Domestic Servant - Single - age 24 (1887) Parlourmaid - born Devonshire

Fred's mother and family were here
Census - 39 Percy Road South Norwood London
William Mummery - Head - age 51 - Bootmaker and Repairer at Home worker - Canterbury
Florence Mary Alberta Mummery - Wife - Married 24 years - age 51 - Pimlico London
Reginald Mummery - Son - single - age 20 - Boot Repairer - Pimlico London
Edgar Walter Mummery - Son - age 16 - Boy in Saw Mill - Pimlico London
Ruth Mummery - Dau - age 13 - Scholar - Pimlico London
Leslie William Mummery - Son - age 10 Scholar - Pimlico London

(age 26)
Mar 14 - Fredrick and Eva were living at 7 Otway Street Chatham, Kent - Frederick was a Police Constable.

Frederick would have been on of the 129 bicycling police patrols in Kent. Each cycle patrol was issued with a forage cap, knickers and puttees. The forage cap being replaced in 1915 with a peaked cap.

1916: Sep 23rd - UK Silver War Badge - Dover Castle
Fred William O'Leary - Reg Number, 15646 - Royal Garrison Artillery, 12 Siege Battery - Rank, a/Bdr - Enlisted, Aug 20, 1903 - Discharged, Jun 26, 1916 - Para 392 (xvl) K'R's Sickness (Shell Shock) - Served overseas

(age 32)
Frederick was recorded as living at 20 Percy Street, South Norwood, London - Occupation Army Pensioner

1918: Oct 22nd - Eva Ann O'Leary died age 34

1918: A few days later in the Dec quarter young Herbert Eadward O'Leary died age 4

1919: Apr 26th - Marriage at St Marks, The Church of Holy Innocents South Norwood Surrey - Entry 250
Frederick William O'Leary age 32, Widower, Swithman of 39 Percy Road
Edith Lilian Herbert age 23, (1896) Spinster of 5 Milton Avenue East Croydon
Fathers: Edward Francis O'Leary a Master Tailor in the Army & Walter James Herbert a Motor Mechanic
Witness: Florence M A Mummery and Leslie William Mummery

(age 34)
- Frederick was recorded as living at 20 Percy Street, South Norwood, London - Fredrick was an Electrician (Switch Board Attendant)

Frederick's mother (Florence Mary Alberta Mummery nee O'Leary, late Fisk) died
1941: Death record – Florence Mummery at Croydon – Sep quarter (2a 1034) age 81 (1860)

My mother (Kathleen Mummery) loved her grandmother (Florence Fisk) dearly and has her picture on her wall. My mother was raised for a portion of her childhood in her grandmother’s house on Percy Road. This was during the period when her father was convalescing with asthma. Her grandmother was a strong Christian and took her to church as a child. She recalls when Florence was taken to the hospital to die. Florence was selfless, she moved her stuff into one room when her son’s family moved in - Gordon Walter Udell, Canada

It is not known where Molly was at this time but she was now left orphaned at the age of 9.

It is said that on hearing this dreadful news William Mann Horne 1858 (Molly's Grandfather) announced Molly could come to live with the Horne family at Mattishall, Norfolk. The death of his eldest daughter must have brought back a lot of memories and emotions for William for he must have recalled the awful time in 1889 when he lost his wife, Bertha Dann (Eva's mother) to the flu virus at the very young age of 30. However fate was to deal another blow, for William just a few days later fell from his horse and trap seriously damaging his back and after a few days of suffering much pain died on Thursday May 5th 1921. Therefore the plan for Molly to come to Norfolk never materialised and Molly was from all accounts placed elsewhere in London. Precise details are unclear at this time.

More on Molly Frances O'Leary

It is not quite clear to the precise details regarding Molly's early years following her father's death or where she lived as Molly never talked about it.

1921: the year of her father's death Molly was in "Guys" hospital next to London Bridge/The Shard. suffering from a TB hip.

1930: Jul 12th - Copy of Birth Certificate for the purpose of the Unemployment Insurance Act

1912: Mar 14th - Birth Cert Record - Medway in the District of Rochester & Chatham - Enty 206
Molly Frances O'Leary of 7 Oatway Street Chatham
Father: Frederick William O'Leary a Police Constable
Mother: Eva Annie O'Leary formerly Horne

The next record we have is Molly's marriage to Wilfred Rollinson

1931: Marriage record - Molly F. O'Leary married Wilfred H. A Rollinson at Croydon - Jun quarter (2a 965)
1931: April 4th - Marriage at St Marks South Norwood
Willfred Harry Alexanda Rollinson a Bachelor age 29 a Lorry Driver of 37 Percy Road, South Norwood
Mollie Frances O'Leary a Spinster age 19 a Assembler of 39 Percy Road, South Norwood.
Fathers: William Rollinson a Labourer and Edward Francis O'Leary (Deseased) Master Tailor - Mollie has given her grandfather's name as her father.
Witness: Kenneth Rollinson and Joan M White

Wilfred Henry Alexanda Rollinson was born on Dec 1st 1902 (Mar quarter of 1903 at Croydon - 2a 290) the son of William Henry Rollinon a General Labourer in Building Construction and Jane Simpson who had married in the Sep quarter of 1902 at Croydon - In 1911 the family were living at 37 Percy Road South Norwood - Wilfred was 8 and at that time he had two younger brothers, Reginald, age 5 and Ronald, 4.
Mollie and Wilfred had children;

[1] Kenneth W Rollinson born 1932 in the Croydon district
[2] Brian F. Rollinson born 1934 in the Croydon district

Willfred and Molly
Courtesy of
Brian Rollinson

1939: Census - 52 Sidney Road, Croydon
Wilfred H A Rollinson - Head - born Dec 1st 1902 - Lorry Driver
Mollie F Rollinson - Wife - born Mar 14th 1912 - Unpaid Domestic Duties

1963: Electoral Register - 52 Sidney Road South Norwood London
Wilfred H A Rollinson - Mollie F Rollinson - Brian F Rollinson

1992: Wilfred Henry Alexanda Rollinson died at Croydon age 90

2007: Jul 27th Molly Frances Rollinson died at Croydon age 94

Both Wilfred and Mollies ashes were placed in Plot 364 Gemini Niche at Croydon Cemetery.


So What Happend To Frederick's Widow Edith Lilian ?

2020: Oct 20th - I received a wonderful email from Louisa Dalrymple of Canada

"When Frederick took his own life, Edith Lillian O’Leary was pregnant with his child. She gave birth to a daughter Margaret Stephanie O'Leary on December 26th 1921, Her certified birth certificate says Edith was residing at 15 Brown Road, Walthastow, Name of father was Frederick William O’Leary (deceased) switchboard attendant - At the age of 6 Stephanie and her mother Edith came to Canada. The ships register said the Salvation Army sponsored their passage, Edith was 31, widowed and was still going by the last name O’Leary - As far as I know my grandmother never had any idea that she had a half sister living in England. If you have any pictures of Frederick or any other information that you could share I would appreciate it greatly. We do not have a single picture of him. Thank you so much!!!!! I can’t wait to share this with my family" - Louisa Dalrymple, Canada.

1921: Dec 26th - 1922 - Birth record - Margaret Stephanie O'Leary at Westham - Mar quarter (4a 837) - Mother 'Herbert'
Later to be known as Stephanie Margaret O'Leary

1928: June 15th - One way Westbound, third class, S.S. Regina, sailing from Liverpool June 15th 1928, arriving at Quebec June 23, 1928.
[1] O’Leary, Edith Lillian, mother 31 yrs old, widowed, from England, Walthamstow, Great Britain, English, Cook house keeper - Give address of destination in Canada - Salvation Army, Woodside Lodge 480 Jarvis St. Toronto, Ontario - Nearest relative- sister Mrs. Wright, 56 Collard Rd. Walthamstow.
[2] O’Leary, Stephanie Margaret, daughter of above, 6 years old, England, Walthamstow, Great Britain, English, Scholar, Nearest relative- Aunt, Mrs. Wright, 56 Collard Rd. Walthamstow.

I was told Edith she raised Stephanie all by herself, in Courtland, Ontario. Edith never had anymore children and she did eventually remarry later on in life, She died Oct 26th, 1981 in Linsay, Ontario with the last name Hanesey. Edith was buried at Riverside Cemetery, Cayuga, Ontario. The funeral was taken care by Pickering-Kee Funeral Home, Cayuga, Ontario .

Stephanie married Bruce Veit and they had three children. She remarried to Jack Clark, Dundas, Ontario, where they owned a cattle farm, they did not have any children together. In their retirement years they moved to Vancouver Island. She remarried to her 3rd husband Bill Oliphant, She died April 7, 2004, on Vancouver Island. - Louisa Dalrymple, Canada

More on Edith's family....

Edith's Grandparents:
1854: Feb 6th - Marriage at All Saints Church Lambeth - Entry 288 (LDS)
George Herbert of full age, Bachelor, Shoemaker of 8 Gloves Hatch, Windmill Street
Mary Ann Scaplehorn a minor spinster of 37 Sloane Lane Chelsea
Fathers: George Herbert a Shoemake and William Scaplehorn a Labourer
Witness: James Butterworth and William M Dunn
George and Mary had children:

1851: Census - Needed

1857: Birth record - Walter James Herbert at Pancras - March quarter (1b 84)

1861: Census - Needed

1871: Census - Needed

1881: Census - 19 Pancras Street, St Pancras
George Herbert - Head - age 46 (1835) - Cordwainder - Lambeth London
Mary Herbert - Wife - age 46 - Shoe Binder - Locke.. Wiltshire
George William - Son - single - age 24 (1857) - Viceman (Whitesmith) - Lambeth, London
Francis W Herbert - Son - age 18 - Comps Mounter - Marylebone
James Herbert - Son - age 14 - Errand Boy - Marylebone
Mary R Herbert - Dau - age 2 - St Giles, London

1889: Marriage record - Walter James Herbert to Rosina Sarah Davies at Holburn - March quarter (1b 719)

1891: Census - Compton Street Clerkenwell, London - LDS
Walter James Herbert - Head - age 33 (1858) - Warehouse Porter - London
Rosina S Herbert - Wife - age 30 - London
Ethel E Herbert - Dau - age 1 - London

1891: Census - Mortimer Market, St Pancras London
George Herbert - Head - age 56 (1835) - Shoe Maker - England
Mary A Herbert - Wife - age 56 - Shoe Binder - Wiltshire
George W Herbert - Son - single - age 34 - Smith - England
James Herbert - Son - age 24 - Painter - England
Albert Herbert - Son - age 22 - Painter - Paddington
Mary R Herbert - Dau - age 12 - London

1901: Census - Walthamstow, Essex
Walter Jas Herbert - Head - age 44 (1857) - Laborer Excavator Navvy - S Pancras, London
Rose Herbert - Wife - age 40 - Bermondsey, London
Ethel Herbert - Dau - age 11 - Clerkenwell, London
Edwin Herbert - Son - age 8 - Walthamstow
Edith Herbert - Dau - age 6 - Walthamstow

1911: Census - Walter James and family - Needed

1911: Census - Hendon, Middlesex - need census record for more information
Edith Lilian Herbert - age 16 - Training for Domestic Service - Walhamstow, Essex




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