The 'Horne' Family

1856 - Eliza Jane
1858 - Jemima Emma



John Horn


John Horn  


Abt 1711  
Died: Sometime between 1756 - 1768  
Parents Unknown

According to the records of St Nicholas Church there is no record of John Horn/Horne being born or married in Dereham.
In fact there are no records of any Horn/Hornes being married 1679-1760 at St Nicholas at all during this time.
As we see John's wife Elizabeth died in 1799, she was recorded as widow - there is no bruial record of any Horn/Horne from the period of 1750-1799 - apart from a Robert Horne who was buried Sep 14, 1779 - was this a mistake and should it have been John?
We need to check if there is a memorial record !!

There is however the following record could fit?

1742/43: Jan 05 - Marriage at St John Maddermarket Church, Norwich
John Horne a Widower married Elisabeth Smith a Single Women - both from Pulham St Mary Magdalen

We see that John was a widower so could the following record also fit?

1741: May 20 - Burial at St Mary Magdalen Church, Pulham Market
Elizabeth wife of John Horn




Elizabeth ?  


Abt 1719  
Died: April 8, 1799 East Dereham, Norfolk - age 80
Buried: April 14, 1799
(Recorded as Widow Horn age 80)

FileNumber 2293 - source
Buried in St Nicholas Churchyard, East Dereham:
Broken gravestone behind Bishop Bonner's Cottage.



There is no record of John & Elizabeth marrying at Dereham




Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Francis Horn Christened May 19, 1754 East Dereham
William Horn Christened May 04, 1755 East Dereham
Thomas Horn Christened Nov * 1756 East Dereham

Records show that a Thomas Horn died in 1768 son of Elizabeth - Thomas would have been aged 12

File Information:

Children of John Horn and Elizabeth ????

1754: Francis Horn - Born; unknown - Christerned May 19, 1754 - At St Nicholas Church, East Dereham - Son of John and Elizabeth - Page 123 - source St Nicholas Church records book.

1755: William Horn - Born: unkown - Christened May 4, 1755 at St Nicholas, Church of England, East Dereham, Entry in records; Page 125 - Son of John and Elizabeth - Page 125 - source St Nicholas Church records book.

1756: Thomas Horn - Born; unknown - Christened November 1756 at St Nicholas Church, East Dereham - Son of John and Elizabeth - Page 129 - source St Nicholas Church records book.

1768: Thomas Horn - Died - burial Date; August 18, 1768 - Son of (left blank) and Elizabeth Horn - Buried at St Nicholas Church Yard - Page 149 - source St Nicholas Church records book.
It seems strange that John's name was left blank - What was the reason for this? - One answer could be, John was in the military and maybe involved, and lost his life in the seven year war with France (1756 - 1763). During this time the siege of Quebec, Canada took place on September 13th 1759. Was John part of this??? - the answer could lie in the Muster Rolls!!!!! - more research.

Colud this be John and Elizabeth
1734: Sep 15 - Marriage at St Michael at Plea Church, Norwich
John Horn a single man married Elizabeth Baily a single woman both of this parish.


Broken headstone in the grave yard of St Nicholas Church East Dereham
behind Bishop Bonner's Cottage

Elizabeths body was interned on April 8th 1799
St Nicholas Church - Headstone
East Dereham
In Memory of
Who Died April **
Aged 80



More on Children:

Thomas Horne born about 1756 at Dereham
This could be him as there is no other Phoebe - Needs checking as Thomas would have been 45 when he married

1801: Oct 26 - Marriage at St Mary Church Coslany, Norwich - Entry 115
Thomas Horne a Bachelor married Phoebe Jeckell a Spinster - both of this parish
Witness: Samuel Hayden and Samuel Gowen
Notes: Married by Banns. Groom, and Bride, signed X.

If this is Thomas
It appears Thomas and Phoebe had a daughter although no record has been found
But we do have other records that appear to be related

1806: Jul 13 - Baptism (Private) at Holy Cross Church, Stoke Holy Cross
Barnaby Horne born Jun 21, 1806 - son of Thomas Horne and his wife Phoebe Jeykills
Barnaby died Jan 17, 1807 and was buried on Jan 22 at Stoke Holy Cross

1804: May 03 - Burial at Stoke Holy Cross Church
Phoebe Horne daughter of Thomas Horne and his wife Phoebe late Jeykills

1810: Mar 04 - Baptism at Holy Cross Church, Stoke Holy Cross
Anne Horne born Feb 17, 1810 - daughter of Thomas Horne and his wife Phoebe Jeykills
Ann died in 1810 and was buried Sep 09, 1810 at St Pauls Church Norwich
Daughter of Thomas Horne and Phebe late Jeckell

Old Moor Chapel - Headstone
In Memory of
Who Died June 21st 1844
Aged 68 Years
Their Daughter
Died Aug 4th 1829
Aged 27 Years






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