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Doris Eva Grint
Doris & husband Len


Doris Eva Grint  


December 29, 1920 Norwich - 1921 Mar quarter 4b / 271
Died: Living  
Parents Bertie Grint
Rose Eva Jelley




Leonard Jack Waspe  


August 26, 1916 Norwich, Norfolk
Died: December 21, 2001 Norwich, Norfolk
Buried:   Norwich
Parents Frederick Leonard Waspe
Harriet Curl



January 25, 1940 St Mary Magdelen, Norwich - Mar quarter 4b / 495





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Margaret Waspe 1944 Norwich
Richard Leonard Waspe 1952 Norwich


File Information:

2010 - Ashfield Care Home, Rackheath - Newsletter Article on Doris
Doris was the daughter of Bertie and Rose Grint and was 1 of 10 children Walter, Freddy, Bertie, Arthur, Lenny, Sam (sometimes called Charlie), Ivy, Edna and Iris.
When Doris was a teenager her her mother sadly passed away and her father remarried Winnie, who gave him another daughter Ann. Doris then went to live with her sister Ivy as she was not happy that her father remarried. Only Doris, Sam and Ann are still with us.
In the early years the family had very little money and lived near Chapplefield in Norwich, they were a very close family, particularly the sisters. Lenny was very kind to Doris as a child, and often paid her to wash and iron a shirt for him, which Doris loved to do.
On leaving school she started working at Caley's chocolate factory in Chapplefield, and also joined the Wrens with her sister Iris and joked that 'that it was for the 6 white collars', but soon got homesick and left.
When Doris and Len started courting, they would both cycle to Hemsby with friends most weekends, and spend time camping.
Doris married Len in 1940 and then was posted to Sierra Leone, West Africa during WW2. He was a non commissioned officer and she loved his uniform.
While Len was away during the war, Doris lived with Len's parents in Leicester, she adored them and they were all very close.
Len worked in the shoe industry all of his life and started by sweeping the floors and finished up Managing Director of Trimfoot Shoes .... Needless to say Doris never went short of beautiful shoes.
Doris and Len's 1st daughter Margaret was born in 1944, with son Richard in 1952. When the children were very young they spent most weekends at the coast in a caravan which they owned and Doris loved packing up on a Friday night ready to go to the caravan. Doris loved staying at home to look after the house and children.
In 1950's & 1960's Doris and Len loved to holiday in Italy - mostly Venice and Lido di Jesslo. However one memorable holiday was spent in the lake district in a tent where they were flooded out in a torrential rain storm.
Sadly Len passed away in 2001. Doris has 4 grandchildren Ryan & Jack who are Richards boys and also Adam & James who are Margaret's boys. Doris also have 3 great grandchildren, Rebecca, Beatrix and Toby.

Doris with daughter Margaret
Ashfield Care Home

More on Leonard Jack Waspe (known as Len)

This is the start of records found which appear to show the ancestors of Len

1787: Feb 13 - Bural at St Margaret's Church Norwich
Susanna Wasp late More wife of John Wasp

1788: Mar 23 - Marriage at St Clements Church Norwich - Entry 204
John Wasp Widower to Elizabeth Nobbs a Single Women
Witness: Samuel Nobbs and Ursula Nobbs
Notes: Bride made her mark.

This could be the baptism of Len's G.G. Grandfather and the next generation back
Mar 24 - Baptism at St Paul's Church Norwich
James Wasp born Mar 20th 1793 son of John Wasp a Pauper and his wife Elizabeth Nobbs

James Waspe married Sarah Nicholson at Norwich - no record found
Sarah's name taken from the Baptism recoprd of their children at St James Pockthorpe

1851: Census - Sussex Street, 197 St Augustine Norwich, Norfolk
James Waspe - Head - age 58 - Ironmongers Porter Norwich - Len's Great, Great Gandfather
Sarah Waspe - Wife - age 59 - Norwich
Maria Yaxley - Dau - Married - age 21 - Shoe Binder Norwich
Henry Waspe - Son - age 18 - Braziers App - Norwich
George Waspe - Son - age 14 - Scholar - Norwich - Len's Great Gandfather
Charlotte Waspe - Dau - age 9 - Norwich
Edward Yaxley - SonL - Married - age 23 - Journeyman Shoe Maker - Norwich

1860: Marriage record - George Waspe married Hannah Goose at Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 301)

1861: Census - Westpotte St Heigham Norwich
George Waspe - Head - age 23 - Shoemaker Norfolk - Norwich - Len's Great Gandfather
Harriet Waspe - Wife - age 21 - Shoemaker Wife Norfolk - Norwich
George Waspe - Son - age 3months - Norfolk - Norwich

Len's Great Grandfather died
Death record - James Waspe at Norwich - Sep quarter (4b 63) age 76

1871: Census - 1 Church St Coram Place St Clement Norwich
George Waspe - Head - age 33 - Shoemaker Norfolk - Norwich - Len's Great Gandfather
Harriet Waspe - Wife - age 31 - Shoebinder Norfolk - Norwich
George Waspe - age 10 - Scholar - Norwich
Frederick Waspe - Son - age 4 - Scholar - Norwich

1881: Census - Infirmary Road Norwich St Clement, Norfolk
George Waspe - Head- age 43 - Shoemaker - Norwich, Norfolk - Len's Great Gandfather
Harriet Wapse - Wife - age 42 - Shoe Binder - Norwich
George Waspe - Son - single - age 20 - Shoemaker - Norwich
Frederick Waspe - Son - age 14 - Shoemaker - Norwich
Leonard Waspe - Son - age 9 - Scholar - Norwich - Len's Grandfather
Algar Waspe - Son - age 7 - Scholar - Norwich

1891: Census - St Clements Norwich
George Waspe - Head - age - Len's Great Gandfather
Harriet Waspe - Wife - age
George Waspe - Son - age
Leonard Waspe - Son - age 20 - Len's Grandfather
Algar Waspe - Son - age 17

I believe this to be Len's father and family
1911: Census - 13 Eade Road Norwich Norfolk
Leonard Waspe - Head - Married - age 40 (1871) - Turn Shoe Maker - born Norwich
Harriett Waspe - Wife - married 19 years - age 40 (1871) - born Norwich
Frederick Waspe - Son - Single - age 18 (1893) - Boot Clicker - born Norwich - Len's Father
Alice M. Waspe - Daughter - Single - age 17 (1894) - Dressmaker - born Norwich
Mabel G. Waspe - Daughter - age 12 (1899) - School - born Norwich

Len's parents
1915: Marriage record - Frederick Leonard Waspe married Harriet Curl at Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 379)

I believe this to be Len's mother and family
1911: Census - 8 Crown Court Yard Norwich Norfolk
Sarah Curl - Head - Widow - age 40 (1871) - Charwoman - born Norwich
Harriet Curl - Daughter - Single - age 21 (1890) - Mill Hand - born Norwich
John Curl - Son - Single - age 18 (1893) - Boot Finisher - born Norwich
Frederick Curl - Son - age 5 (1906) - School - born Norwich
Florence Curl - Daughter - age 2 (1909) - born Norwich

1916: Birth record - Leonard J. Waspe at Norwich - Sep quarter (4b 205)

More on children

01 - Child of Doris Eva Grint (1920) and Leonard Jack Waspe

1 - Margaret Waspe married Robert Adrian Brawm-Meek, born June 26, 1944, in Norfolk on October 31, 1966 at St Giles, Norwich
They had children:

1 - Adam Robert Brawn-Meek,
2 - James William Brawn-Meek,


01 - Child of Doris Eva Grint (1920) and Leonard Jack Waspe

2 - Richard Leonard Waspe (1952) married Susan Fern, born 1952, Nottingham, UK
They have Children:

1 - Rayn Waspe,
2 - Jack Waspe,


More on Leonard Jack Waspe (1916 - 2001)

Len in the Clicking Room at his factory 'Trimfoot'
on Starling Road , Norwich
Ray - I love that picture of Dad in the clicking room, that’s how I remember him.
Also my granddad (dads father) used to work in that very room cutting out the uppers, and I loved going up there because of the lovely smell of leather. Also, on a Friday afternoon after the workers had been paid they all used to bring out sweets…this was the highlight of the week and we called them ‘Rosies’, I’ve no idea why, but maybe they were Cadburys Roses?? - Margaret Brawn-Meek (nee Waspe)

For many years Len was making notes on his life and experiences in the footwear industry with the intension of writing a book when he retired. Apparently it amounted to reams and reams of paper which in the end he gave to a very good friend 'Ken Holmes' who was then working for the local newspaper 'Norwich Evening News'. With the help of Len's records Ken published a book:

Searching the internet I came on two patents that had Len Waspes name attached to them

Improvements relating to shoes and like articles of footwear - United Kingdom Patent GB657441
Assignee: Leonard Jack Waspe - Barfield And Richardson
IPC: A43B 21/24 - A43B 21/00

657,441. Shoes. WASPE, L. J., and BARFIELD & RICHARDSON. Ltd. Feb. 10, 1949, No. 3661. [Class 17(ii)] A hard felt filler 1 extends below a rubber backer member 2 and leather sock lining 3 and under its forward and rear ends are soft felt fillers 7 bridged by a shank stiffener 6 which is secured to the filler 1 by adhesive tape.

Improvements in or relating to shoes and like articles of footwear - United Kingdom Patent GB666910
Assignee: Leonard Jack Waspe - Barfield And Richardson
IPC: A43B 15/00

666,910. Boots &c. WASPE, L. J., and BARFIELD & RICHARDSON, Ltd. Dec. 9, 1949 [June 1, 1949], No. 14682/49. Class 17 (ii). A slip-lasted shoe has a sock 2 and platform cover 5 secured to a closed upper 1, with a card seatpiece 9 applied to the underside of the sock 2 and a wedge 4 stuck under the seatpiece. A felt platform 3 is applied under the sock 2 and wedge 4 and an outsole 7 and heel top lift 8 are attached after the platform cover has been lasted in position. The sock has a rubber backer and a felt strip 6 is solutioned to the under side of the cover 5 about the forepart of the shoe and to the wedge 4 at the heel. The part 6a is trimmed off after the strip is secured.

The National Archive
Norfolk Record Office hold records of - Shorten and Armes, shoe manufacturers, Fishergate, Norwich
Trimfoot (a subsidiary) first week's work sheets and cards BR110/57 1953

Found on the internet - It appears that Trimfoot was originally called Barfield & Richardson's
Cecil Newman worked at Barfield & Richardson's factory in Starling Road and in those days he would have been a foot soldier in an army of men and women working in the many shoe factories dotted around the city. Their footwear went all over the world.

Len Waspe was a Shoe Designer and Manufacturer he had a factory on Starling Road, Norwich. I would go and sit in Uncle Len's office and talk to him about his work and twice he took me with him round his factory when he was attending to things. In 1967 I decided to immigrate to Australia, I mentioned it to Uncle Len and he said "you can't go all that way without a job come and see me next week." Next week he had arrange that I should go and see Joe Goldberg (a friend of his) on my arrival in Sydney. I was met off the plane by two of Joe Goldberg's top guys and straight into a job, how cool was that?

Years later when I had returned home to Norwich, I was a sales rep for Zenith Windows on a call of nature one night to the Hotel Norwich on Boundary Road, I saw a now retired Uncle Len sitting at the bar having a drink and smoking his pipe, we had a drink together and went over some old times. This was the last time I saw Uncle Len, it is only now when I think back that I really appreciate the enormous thing he had done for me, I never really thanked him enough. - Ray Taylor








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