The 'Grint' Family

1908 - Ivy Maud
1933 - Terry Arthur
1934 - Hazel Grace
1951 - Joy Brenda



Leonard Edward Grint
1914 - 2001


Leonard Edward Grint  


August 13, 1914 Crooks Place. Norwich - Sep quarter (4b 310)
Died: October 24, 2001 age 87
Buried:   Cremated Earlham Crematory,
Ashes interned near Fish pond at Earlham Crematory.
Parents Bertie Grint
Rose Eva Jelley
Birth records show Leonard was born Leonard K. Grint

Len & Evie


Evelyn Una Thorpe Recorded as Eveline U. Thorpe


1921 Norwich
Died: Dec 24, 2014 Norwich age 93
Parents Harold Thomas Thorpe
Evelyn 'Una' (could be Edith) Payne

Evelyne told me she was named after her mother Evelyn Una Payne but I have not been able to find her on records.
The closest I can find is a Evelyn Edith Payne with a sister Una - so is this her?



1947 Norwich





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
John Leonard Grint 1948 West Norwich Hospital, Nelson Ward.
Gordon Trevor Grint   Norwich
Christopher Martin Grint   Norwich
Suzanne Evelyn Joan Grint   Norwich


File Information:

When Len & Evie first married the lived with my Nan and granddad at their shop on Woodcock Road, Norwich where two of their children were born. Len was a bus conductor and quite well known round the county, in those days’ bus conductors & drivers new their customers and the customers new the crew. I have often been on his busses when I was a youth and got a free journey. - Ray Taylor

A story my Dad Len told me
Doing the war, Dad was stationed at Norwich Airfield and was on guard duty in a watch tower. He tried to light a gas burner and when pressurising the stove, it blew, setting alight the watch tower. At that moment there was an air raid, the Germans obliviously thought the airfield was fake and went and bombed the dummy airfield. My father did not get into trouble for that.
- John Grint

More on Evelyn

I believe this to be Evelyn's father
1911: Census - 50 Swansea Road Norwich
Frederick Smith - Head - Married - age 40 (1871) - Caretaker - born Bungay
Lydia Smith - Wife - married 15 years - age 38 (1873) - born Norwich
Lillie Smith - Daughter - age 9 (1902) - born Norwich
Harold Thorpe - Nephew - age 13 (1898) - School - born Cromer
Muriel Kettle - Servant - Single - age 18 (1893) - General Servant Domestic - born Pakefield

I believe this to be Evelyn's mother
1911: Census - 37 Mancroft St Norwich Norfolk
George Payne - Head - Married - age 39 (1872) - Bricklayer - born Northrepps Norfolk
Edith Payne - Wife - married 15 years - age 38 (1873) - born East Harling Norfolk
Eveline Edith Payne - Daughter - age 14 (1897) - School - born Cromer Norfolk
Frederick G. Payne - Son - age 12 (1899) - born Roughton Norfolk
Redvers Payne - Son - age 10 (1901) - born Roughton Norfolk
Una Payne - Daughter - age 8 (1903) - born Roughton Norfolk
Edgar Payne - Son - age 6 (1905) - born Roughton Norfolk
Tom Lawrence - Brother In Law - Single - age 25 (1886) - Boot Trade Laster - born Fressingfield Norfolk

Evelyn's parents
1921: Marriage record - Harold T. Thorpe married Eveline E. Payne at Norwich - Sep quarter (4b 365)

1921: Birth record - Eveline U. Thorpe at Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 277)

1947: Marriage record - Eveline U. Thorpe married Leonard E. Grint at Norwich - Sep quarter (4b 1660)

Evie was the eldest girl in a family of 13 and worked in Lawrence and Scott during the war making electric engines for the Royal Navy’s mini submarines - John Grint.





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