The 'Grint' Family

1908 - Ivy Maud
1933 - Terry Arthur
1934 - Hazel Grace
1951 - Joy Brenda



Ivy Maud Grint
1908 - 1977


Ivy Maud Grint  


March 09, 1908 12 Kings Square: Globe Street: Heigham , Norwich
Norwich - Jun quarter 4b / 165
Died: January 11, 1977 Horsford - Age 69
Buried: 1977 St Faith Crematory
Parents Bertie Grint
Rose Eva Jelley

Ivy and husband Ernest


Ernest Charles Taylor  


September 29, 1905 114 Goldwell Road: Lakenham: Norwich
Died: October 15, 1971 Palma de Mallorca - Age 65
Parents Edward Taylor
Emma Elizabeth Norton Hill



May 23, 1926 St Marks: Hall Road: Lakenham: Norfolk: Uk (461)





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Jack Taylor
(Reg as Arthur Taylor)
1926 Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 216)
Raymond Ernest Taylor October 20, 1927 45 Botolph Street, Norwich
Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 148)
Alan Bert Jack Taylor November 24, 1932 Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 154)
Rita Janet Ivy Taylor 1934 Norwich
Cherry Marlene Taylor
(Reg as Marlene C. I. Taylor)
1938 Norwich -
David Barry Taylor July 18, 1940 Norwich
Maureen Taylor 1949 Norwich


File Information:

More on Ivy Maud Grint.....

1908: March 9, Birth, of Ivy Maud Grint of 12 Kings Square: Globe Street: Heigham
Father: Berie Grint: Carpenter Journeyman
Mother: Rose Eva Grint formally Jelly
Registered: April 18, 1908
Entry 465
- information from file certificate

1911: Census - 21 Cross Globe Street, Norwich - A property of 5 rooms
Bertie Grint - Head - age 27 - married - House Painter / Builder - born Norwich
Rose Grint - Wife - age 26 - married - born Norwich
Frederick Grint - Son - age 6 - born Norwich
Walter Grint - Son - age 4 - born Norwich
Ivy Grint - Daughter - age 3 - born Norwich
Arthur Grint - Son - age 1 - born Norwich
Violet Wurr - Niece - age 16 - Single - born Norwich
Hilda Wurr - Niece - age 9 - born Norwich
Voilet and Hilda Wurr were staying at their uncle Bertie's while their parents were at their grandmother's (below). This is because the Wurr family were preparing to move to Canada.

1926: May 23, Marriage at St Marks: Hall Road: Lakenham.
Ernest Charles Taylor, age 20, Bacholar, Shop Assistant of 114 Goldwell Road, Norwich
Ivy-Maude-Grint, age 18, Spinster, of 19 Cross Glebe Street, Norwich
Father: Edward Taylor, Labour
Father: Bertie Grint, Carpenter

Witnesses:- Edward-Taylor and Bertie-Grint
Entry 461
- information from file certificate

More on my nan's life to come...

I was always closer to my grandmother than my gradfather she had her fathers sense of humour and was always such a lady, I would go and cut her grass after school sometimes, during or after I was invited to take afternoon High Tea with her and a few times she would tell me of the hardships she had when she was a girl. Nanny was always like the head, we always seemed to go to her for things. When I passed my driving test she was the one who lent me £108 to buy my first car, a Hillman Husky. I was given a repayment card with the money and told how much I had to pay back weekly, she was lovely but business minded with it. - Ray Taylor

The memories of parties at Spixworth Rd were lovely. One thing I remember is when Ivy cooked a turkey, she put lots of drumsticks around the dish like a centipede...because the kids all wanted a leg!!! - Margaret Brawn-Meek formerly Waspe




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