The 'Grint' Family

1908 - Ivy Maud
1933 - Terry Arthur
1934 - Hazel Grace
1951 - Joy Brenda



Walter Alfred Grint
1906 - 1996


Walter Alfred Grint  


May 15, 1906 Norwich - Jun quarter (4b 177)
Died: 1996 Norwich - age 90
Parents Bertie Grint
Rose Eva Jelley




Edith Agnes Debbage  


1902 Norwich - Jun quarter (4b 138)
Died: 1977 Norwich Outer - age 75
Parents Walter Debbage
Mary Ann Sadd



1926 Norwich - Sept quarter - (4b 340)





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Walter L. Grint 1927 Norwich - Sept quarter - (4b 202)


File Information:

1911: Census - 21 Cross Globe Street, Norwich - A property of 5 rooms
Bertie Grint - Head - age 27 - married - House Painter / Builder - born Norwich
Rose Grint - Wife - age 26 - married - born Norwich
Frederick Grint - Son - age 6 - born Norwich
Walter Grint - Son - age 4 - born Norwich
Ivy Grint - Daughter - age 3 - born Norwich
Arthur Grint - Son - age 1 - born Norwich
Violet Wurr - Niece - age 16 - Single - born Norwich
Hilda Wurr - Niece - age 9 - born Norwich
Voilet and Hilda Wurr were staying at their uncle Bertie's while their parents were at their grandmother's (below). This is because the Wurr family were preparing to move to Canada.

1939: Census - 10 Parr Road (off Drayton Road) Norwich
Walter A Grint born May 15th 1906 - Carpenter Joiner
Edith A Grint - Wife - born May 13th 1902 - Domestic Duties
Walter S Grint - Son - born Jun 27th 1927 - At School

Was this our Walter Grint?

Horace Griffiths was the last of the long line of planemakers. He was born in 1878 and was apprenticed as a joiner to John Manning Builders. After moving to and working in London for a time, he returned and joined the family planemaking business. It is interesting to note that he stated that for the 30 years prior to 1953, the firm had never been asked for more than five of the patterns of bench planes from their list of several hundred types. Those who knew him said that he was slow of speech, methodical and a true craftsman. One of those who knew him well was Walter Grint of Hellesdon, near Norwich. Mr Grint, a cabinet maker, was apprenticed in the city at the North Heigham cabinet works and he visited Horace's home on numerous occasion. He first met him in 1914 when Horace collected saws and planes for sharpening from the North Heigham cabinet works which was some one and a half miles from his home. Horace made the journey to and from the works on foot, frequently carrying a load of saws. Walter Grint remembers him as a “fine old boy” wearing a battered old trilby hat and wire-rimmed glasses who, although slow in speech, was always proper and correct.

Mr Grint often went to Horace's home and after a time was invited into the workshop at the back of the house (91 Pottergate Street). He describes it as being untidy with mother planes, templates and jigs everywhere and with half-made planes on the bench. This is borne out by the photograph of Horace (Fig. 3) taken in 1953. Horace actually made a smoother and a toothing plane for Mr Grint who greatly praised his workmanship. When setting and sharpening saws, Horace would use a hammer and anvil and tested the saw by sliding a needle down the full length of the tool. His charges for this work were 9d for setting and sharpening a back saw and 2d to 3d for grinding a plane iron

More on Edith A. Debbage

Edith's parents
1890: Marriage record - Walter Debbage married Mary Ann Sadd at Norwich - Jun quarter (4b 263)

1911: Census - 10 Deal Yard Norwich Norfolk
Walter Debbage - Head - Married - age 40 (1871) - Labourer - born Norwich
Mary Debbage - Wife - married 20 years age 39 (1872) - born Norwich
Walter Debbage - Son - Single - age 20 (1891) - Shoe Finisher - born Norwich
Arthur Debbage - Single - age 17 (1894) - Shoe Finisher - born Norwich
Gwety Debbage - Daughter - Single - age 15 (1896) Assist At Home - born Norwich
Edith Debbage - Daughter - age 9 (1902) - School - born Norwich
James Debbage - Son - age 6 (1905) - School - born Norwich
Sarah Debbage - Daughter - age 4 (1907) - School - born Norwich
Ivy Debbage - Daughter - age 2 (1909) - born Norwich

More on Child

Walter married Janet L. M. Lincoln in 1961 at Norwich



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