The 'Grint' Family

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1933 - Terry Arthur
1934 - Hazel Grace
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William Leonard Grint
1905 - 1979


William Leonard Grint Known as Leonard


April 28, 1905 Norwich - Jun quarter (4b 180)
Died: Oct 25, 1979 Norwich - age 74
Parents Alfred George Grint (1873)
Phoebe Martha Bradford


Joyce Edna Seaman  


Sep 22, 1913 Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 264)
Died: Dec 08, 2005 Norwich - age 92
Parents Robert Seaman
Elizabeth Tyrrell



Dec 30, 1939 Norwich - Dec quarter (4b 641)





Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Laurence L. Grint 1941 Norwich
Veronica J. Grint 1944 Norwich


File Information:

William's preference was to be called Leonard:
Leonard owned a shop on the corner of Waddington Street and West End Street, Norwich. In those days these corner shops sold everything and Leonard's was no exception. In those days before supper markets the corner shop was an important part of the community where shopping was more personal and a one to one service. Often they were open all hours of the day and even then it was not heard of after the shop was closed to have someone knocking on the door as they had forgotten something.

There is a lovely picture of Leonard and his mother outside his shop about 1930 which can bee seen below.

Leonard married Joyce Edna Seaman in 1939. They had two children Laurence (1941) and Veronica (1944).

1979: - William Leonard Grint died Oct 25, 1979 - age 74

Written by Joyce Evelyn Grint niece to Leonard and Granddaughter to Phoebe
So lovely to see my uncle Leonard's shop and my Nanny's drapery shop at the side and the photos of Nanny and Leonard.
I am Joyce Evelyn Grint born 1924, 25th April. My father was Alfred Grint who was born on 7th June 1901 and my mother was Maud Emily Dickerson. I had one younger brother, Brian Alfred. My grandfather was George Grint, a loveable rascal, and my grandmother was Pheobe, who had four sisters, one of whom was called Carrie. Those sisters looked after my Grandmother well.
I remember my Uncle Leonard's shop well. We would visit on Sunday morning with my cousins Donald and Vivienne, Nanny gave us a poke of sweets each in the shop,and then we'd go through to the back where we'd play the organ. Then at tea time we devoured Uncle Leonard's ham joint for the shop! Leonard didn't live there. He lived in Earlham with Joyce his teacher wife and two children. I used to go with Grandad George to buy fresh crab and shrimps. Nanny Grints Drapers shop was on the other corner.
- Best wishes Joyce.

A fitting tribute and memorial to Leonard Grint is now on display in the Bridewell Museum, Norwich thanks to his wife Joyce.

Taken from the Bridewell Museum's Display Board:

Open all Hours:
Leonard Grint owned a general store on the corner of Waddington Street and West End Street, Norwich. Here he is around 1930 standing proudly outside the shop with his mother.

His shop stocked an extensive variety of goods, ranging from Parmolive shampoo to Player's Navy Cut cigarettes and from Oxo cubes to Parkinson's dog powder.

Shelve were stacked with toys and games, stationery and household products. Customers gould buy Norwich-made goods, including Odel toothpaste, Colman's flour and mustard, Caley's chocolates and Reckitt's washing blue.

Leonard retired in 1970, aged 65 years. By then the area was quite run down, The shop was bought by the council on a compulsory purchase order and is no longer there.

Leonard died in 1979. The contents of the shop were given to Bridewell Museum by his wife.

More on Children

01 - Child of William Leonard Grint (1905) and Joyce Edna Seaman 

Laurence L. Grint

Laurence L. Grint was born in 1941 at Norfolk - Norwich

Laurance married Janet E. Ledger at Malvern, Worcestershire in 1964
Laurance and Janet had a child:

Elizabeth Jane Grint
Catherine Louise Grint



02 - Child of William Leonard Grint (1905) and Joyce Edna Seaman 

Veronica J. Grint

Veronica J Grint was born in 1944 at Norwich

Veronica married Anthony Roper in 1966 at Norwich -
Veronica and Anthony had children:

1/ Vincent Anthony Roper
2/ Quentin Leonard Roper









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