The 'Fisher' Family

1895 - Stanley Isaac
1899 - Wilfred Clare



Donald Stanley Fisher


Donald Stanley Fisher  


1935 Mattishall
Parents Stanley Isaac Fisher (1895)
Anges May Horne


Margaret Ruth Frost  


1932 Mitford
Parents Leonard G . Frost ? (George)
Miriam H . Canham ?


August 31, 1957 St Mary's Church, Elmham



Children with :


Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Beth Georgina Fisher 1964  
Marie Anne Fisher 1965  
Jason Rowland Fisher 1965  





File Information:

1935: Birth record - Donald Staney Fisher at Mitford - Sep qaurter (4b 314)

Beth Georgina Fisher (1964) - Died 1981 aged 17, in London SE5 and was interned at Mattishall Cemetery on June 1, 1981. - Plot Q33

Having experienced their fair share of tragedy and serious illness, donald and Margaret Fisher have found great solace in the tranquility of their large, peaceful, farmhouse garden.
In fact, they have found it so beneficial, they have decided they most share it with others.
"People who have visited us have been quite taken by the peace and quite our garden offers and it seems a pity to keep it to ourselves," said Mr Fisher, who is dairyman of Mattishall and surrounding area.
So the couple have decided to open their garden each Friday as a place of retreat, particularly for people seeking peace and spiritual renewal.
There is no charge and the gardens will be opened from 10-5.
It is an abundance of of trees, shrubs and flowers and lots of hidey-holes with benches for anyone wanting to be quite and alone. The garden is a sanctuary for for many kinds of wildlife as well as a variety of ornamental pheasants and other foul, peacocks, canaries, and a small heard of pygmy goats.
At one end of the garden is a copse of 200 trees the couple planted perhaps 15 years ago and a former swimming pool is now home to waterbirds. Across the road and at the far end of the road is a pond, dug by Mr Fisher for his wife as a birthday present several years ago and now another wildlife haven.
When the weather is not to good, visitors have the use of a large caravan which has a small stock of reading material - and tea and coffee making facilities.
"We feel that in an age where everyone is tearing and rushing about, people must make time to be quite and relax," said Mrs Fisher. "I had a time when I was very ill and that experience open my eyes to how important it is to find somewhere where you can be at peace."
The couple who are Methodists, are also planning offer their garden, and part of their home, as a venue to churches and other organisations for group quite days.
visitors to the garden at Ivy Dene, Mill Road, Mattishall are welcome on any Friday, while the Fishers would be delighted to discuss for group quite days with any organisation.






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