The 'Fisher' Family

1895 - Stanley Isaac
1899 - Wilfred Clare



Walter Fisher
1863 - 1930
Courtesy of
Jacki Greaves Latin of America


Walter Fisher  


Oct 19, 1863 Shipdham, Norfolk. England
Died: Nov 22, 1930 Smithfield, Cashe, Utar, USA. age 67
Buried: Nov, 25, 1930 Smithfield, Cemetery, Cache, Utah
Parents James Fisher (1837)
Alice Jane Picher
In America Walter became known as Walter George Fisher


Rachel Roberts  


Nov 23, 1875 Smithfield, Cashe Utah, USA
Died: Feb 08, 1925 Smithfield, Cashe, Utah, USA - age 49
Buried: Feb 13, 1925 Smithfield, Cemetery, Cache, Utah
Parents Christopher Roberts (1836)
Katharine Kunz (1836)




Oct 16, 1895 Hyde Park, Cache, Utah , USA

The picture below shows Walter Fisher with Rachel together with four of their children
We can assume the boy to be Glen with Alice and Rachel.
It is unsure if the baby is Walter or Firm as Walter died in 1904 age 1.
If it is Firm it would date the picture to about 1907

Courtesy of
Jacki Greaves Latin
of America

Children: - Click on names for quick link


Date of birth:
Birth Place:
Glen Roberts Fisher - more Jun 10, 1896 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA
Alice Fisher - more Oct 17, 1898 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA
Rachel Fisher - more Jun 22, 1901 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA
Walter Fisher- more Sep 04, 1903 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA
Firm Fisher - more Jun 28, 1906 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA
Gayle Fisher - more Oct 19, 1911 Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA

File Information:

Walter Fisher (1863)

In America Walter became known as Walter George Fisher

Walter Fisher baptised May 01, 1864 at Mattishall Congregational Churh - Born Oct 19, 1863 - Entry 268
Son of James Fisher a Labourer and his wife Alice Jane

Walter Fisher was also baptised on Nov 11, 1866 at All Saints Church Mattishall - Entry 668
Son of James Fisher a Labourer and his wife Alice Jane
Baptised with his brother John

1871: Census : 22 Badley Moor Mattishall
James Fisher - Head - age 33 (1838) - Ag Lab Norfolk - Mattishall
Ann Fisher - Wife - age 28 - Yorkshire - Alice appears to have changed her name
Walter Fisher - Son - age 7 - Scholar Norfolk - Mattishall
John Fisher - Son - age 5 - Scholar Norfolk - Mattishall
Nero Fisher - Son - age 3 - Norfolk - Mattishall

1881: Census - 41 Dereham Rd Mattishall
James Fisher - Head - age 43 (1838) - Ag Lab - Mattishall, Norfolk,
Alice J Fisher - Wife - age 38 (1843) - Mealtley, York
Walter Fisher - Son - age 17 - Ag Lab- Shipdham, Norfolk
John Fisher - Son - age 15 - Ag Lab - Mattishall, Norfolk
Nero Fisher - Son - age 13 - Scholar - Mattishall, Norfolk
Alice Fisher - Dau - age 9 - Scholar - Mattishall, Norfolk
George Fisher - Son - age 8 (1873) - Scholar - Mattishall, Norfolk
Ada Fisher - Dau - age 6 - Scholar - Mattishall, Norfolk
Caler Fisher - Dau - age 5 - Scholar - Mattishall, Norfolk
Marshall Fisher - Son - age 2 - Mattishall, Norfolk
Richander Fisher - Dau - age 9m - Mattishall, Norfolk

Walter's mother died
Alice Jane Fisher Died age 39 and is buried in All Saints Churchyard Mattishall, Mitford - Jun quarter (4b 170)

1982: Aug 01 - Walter deparated for the United States of America sailing on the 'Abysinnia'.

1884: Mar 26 - Walter was baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1895: Oct 16 - Walter Fisher married Rachel Roberts Hyde Park, Cache, Utah - the next day they were sealed in the Logan Chaple.

Walter's father died back in Mattishall, Norfolk, England
Death record - James Fisher at Mitford - Sep qaurter (4b 243) age 75
July 5th James Fisher was buried in the Burgh Lane Cemetery at Mattishall

1912: Nov 12 - Walter returned to England for missionary work and to see his family

During Walter's stay he visited his family back in Norfolk - there is a studio picture of him and three of his brother - see further down page

1914: Apr 01 - Walter returned to America sailing from Liverpool to St Johns New Brunswick on the 'Victorian' -
1 of 31 passengers - passanger type 'Ministers'

Walter Fisher married Rachel Roberts Oct 16, 1895 at Hyde Park,Cache,Utah
Walter and Rachel had Children:


1930: Nov 22 - Walter Fisher Died at Smithfield Utah USA - age 67
His death certificate tells us that he died of chronic myocarditis and endocarditis. Diabetes was a contributing factor.

Below is a wonderful story of Walter's life
Kindly supplied by Jacki Greaves Latin
Walter's Great Granddaughter.

Walter George Fisher
Walter George Fisher was born 19 October 1862 (or 1863) in Shipdam, Norfolk, England to James Fisher and Alice Jane Pitcher. He was christened on 27 October of the same year. Walter was the oldest of nine children. The last baby was still born which would have made ten.

When Walter was 18 (1 August 1882 according to his passport application) he decided to come to America. His father was a strict man and so one night he left England by lowering his trunk out of his bedroom window. He had enough money to pay for his trip to New York, he sailed on the Abysinnia on Aug 01, 1882. When he landed in New York he was broke and all alone. He did what work he could fine until he had enough to bring him to Mendon, Utah. There he worked on a cattle ranch.

He was related to the Pitcher Family in Smithfield (his maternal grandparents and some Uncles and cousins had immigrated from England earlier) and with their help he made Smithfield his home. In the “History of Nancy Jane Smith and James Daniel Pitcher it mentions that, “Walter Fisher, a nephew of Jas. Pitcher lived with them many years, after he came from England.”

Walter was baptized into the LDS Church when he was 21 years old, Mar 26, 1884 by Elder Marion C. Everton of Smithfield, Cache, Ut. First Ward.

Walter was 5 feet 7 inches tall, with brown eyes and brown hair and a dark complexion. One of Walter’s unusual characteristics was his good teeth. He never lost one and never had any cavities (it’s rumored he could bite the heads off of nails). One time he won money by being able to hold more pounds with his teeth than a circus performer did.

He met Rachel Roberts in Smithfield and they were married in Hyde Park, Utah on 7 November or 16 October, 1895 by a justice of the peace and the next day they were sealed in the Logan Temple. Walter would have been around 33 years old and Rachel was 20 years old. (According to film # 177855, Walter received his endowments on 8 Nov. 1895).

After their marriage, they lived for a time with Rachel’s parents. Walter farmed three or four places in Smithfield and in Amalga (which is by Trenton). He raised peas, hay, grain and beets. He had a good herd of dairy cows that he milked by hand. He then hauled the milk with a team to Logan over poor roads in good weather and bad. He also raised bees so the family had all the honey they wanted.

Walter and Rachel had six children. Their names and birth dates are as above:

According to American census record he gave three dates of his migration 1920 census (1876) 1910 census (1879) and 1930 (1883). We know the first two to be untrue so 1883 seems the correct date

Walter has been described as a hard worker, very well read, stern, well-liked and had a temper. People said he was a riot, a big clown and the life of a party. He liked to go to the Pitcher reunions and sing and have a good time. One time he got so crazy singing, accompanied by his cousin playing the accordion, “Where Did You Get That Hat?” that his wife got so upset, she left the reunion and went home without him.

He was very kind hearted and everyone was welcome in their home. Walter was always inviting people to have supper with the family—it never mattered what they were eating. He often brought people home with him. It seemed there was always a house full of folks. Aunt Hannah, Rachel’s half sister, and Uncle Amos Keller (who lived in the Bear Lake area) often spent their winters with the family. One time he met a couple hitch-hiking from North Carolina. The woman was pregnant and they were trying to get to Seattle. Walter took the couple home and they lived with his family for a couple of months. While they were there, they worked in the beets.

Walter was a very daring man. His daughter, Rachel, said, “I have heard mother say how he tried to break a wild horse. He put the horse in a barn and mother watched. After some time the horse came out of the barn. When mother went in he was laying on the floor not able to breathe. The doctor was called and his chest had been injured. They put him to bed and he got up and went to town. He hated to be put to bed.”

Walter was called to serve in the British Mission. He left from the Smithfield First Ward and was set apart on 12 November, 1912 by James E. Talmage. Walter would have been about 50 years old at this time. During his mission he was able to see his family that he had left over 30 years before. Some of the books he used during his mission have the following address inscribed: “Deseret” 152 High Road, South Tottenham, London, N, England.

Walter’s family sacrificed and supported him while he served his mission. His oldest son, 17 year old Glenn, took over his milk route. He was small and had to have steps built in the wagon so he could lift the milk cans up into the wagon. His youngest daughter, Gayle, was only a year old when Walter left on his mission. Upon his return, Gayle didn’t know him and was afraid of him for quite a while.

When Gayle was six, Walter moved his family into the new home they built on Main Street in Smithfield. The family had fun times gathering around the piano and singing. Once a week, the parents in the neighborhood got together and ate oyster stew or fried chicken.

Walter liked to play pool and he was a good player. When he left to play, everyone left at home partied, made honey candy and had a good time. He also liked fighters and boxers. Later in life he enjoyed flowers and gardening.

Walter developed diabetes. He had to be on a special diet. His eyes went bad and he always wanted new glasses. He and his sons would eventually die of this disease. Walter got sick and developed pneumonia. He got a little better and when he came home, he wanted to get the tulips planted. He did and didn’t live long afterward. He died 22 November 1930 in Smithfield at the approximate age of 68.

This history combines memories of Walter’s daughter, Rachel Fisher Baker
notes from conversations with his youngest daughter, Gayle Fisher Greaves.
Written by Jacki Greaves Latin.

There is a picture (see below) of the Walter together with three of his brothers taken during his stay here in England.

Walter Fisher with his brothers.
Nero Fisher is far right - I beleive Marshall is left with either George or John behind.
Dated about 1913

Courtesy of
Jacki Greaves Latin
of America


More of Rachel Roberts .....

Rachel Roberts - Born in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA on 23 Nov 1875. Rachel married Walter Fisher and had 6 children. She passed away on 8 Feb 1925 in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA.

History of Rachel Roberts (Fisher)
Written by Jacki Greaves
From conversations with my grandma Gayle Fisher Greaves

Rachel was born on November 23, 1875 in Smithfield, Utah to Christopher Roberts and Catherine Kunz (Roberts). She was the only child born to Catherine and Christopher but she three older half sisters from a previous marriage of Christopher’s.

Rachel had a happy childhood; her parents were good, honest, hard-working farmers. They were religious and taught her the principles of the gospel.

On October 16, 1895 she married Walter Fisher for time and eternity in the Logan temple. She was one month away from being 20 years old. They lived in Smithfield in Main Street on a piece of property Rachel inherited from her parents. She and Walter had 6 children which brought them much happiness.

[1] Her first child was a boy, born June 10, 1896. His name was Glen Roberts Fisher.
[2] Her next child was a girl, born November 17, 1898. Whom, they called Alice.
[3] Another girl, Rachel followed, she was born June ***
[4]Walter Fisher Jr, born September 4, 1903 lived for only a year when he died of pneumonia and whooping cough on October 28, 1904.
[5]On June 28, 1906 Rachel’s firth child was born, a boy whom was called Firm.
[6]Her last child was born on Oct 19, 1911. It was a girl they named Gayle. She was born on her father’s birthday and they had happy times celebrating their birthdays together.

Rachel loved her children very much and most of her joy came from raising them.

They were a good religious family and in 1912 Walter went on a mission for the church to England, as that was where his relatives lived. This was difficult time for Rachel and her family and they worked hard to support themselves as well as Walter. Glen her oldest boy, was seventeen at the time and her youngest Gayle was only one year old. To make their living Glen took on a milk route in which he hauled the milk from Smithfield to Logan with a wagon drawn by a team of horses. He was a small boy and had to have steps built on the milk wagon to lift the cans of milk up into the wagon. They also farmed and milked cows. They worked hard, sacrificing much, and sent a good share of their income to support their dad on a mission.

Choice experiences came to those who help and serve others.
One such faith promoting experience came to Rachel: While living in Smithfield, with her daughter Rachel, Catherine Roberts, my great, great grandmother was suffering from a stroke and couldn’t talk of move. Rachel was beside herself and didn’t know what to do. One day a man came to the house. My great grandmother, Rachel, opened the door and the man said he heard there was a sickness here and he wanted to know if he could come in and give her a blessing. Rachel said he was so pleasant and had such a friendly spirit about him that she immediately trusted him and let him in. He prayed for her and as soon as he was done, Catherine got up and dressed herself. When Rachel was going to thank this man, he was nowhere to be seen, she didn’t think he left the house, but she search everywhere and never found him. Since then, she has always thought that this man could have been one of the three Nephites.

Rachel liked to garden. She raised lovely flowers and she also liked to raise chickens. She was a good cook and many times she would cook for a large group of family, or friends. Her oldest daughter played the piano and her family spent many happy hours singing around the piano.

She very seldom missed a sacrament meeting and she diligently read the Bible, especially when she had the blues, she would find some corner and read the Bible for comfort. He daughter, Gayle remembers seeing her praying frequently. She said that it seemed like she was on her knees more than off.

She became ill and died when she was 49 years old in the Logan hospital of an operation she did not recover from.

She was a small woman but accomplished a large amount of good in her life. She had a lot of faith which pulled her through the many trials she was faced with.


More on Children


[1] Glen Roberts Fisher (1896 - 1969)

Glen Roberts Fisher - Born in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA on 10 Jun 1896 to Walter Fisher and Rachel Roberts. Glenn Roberts married Sarah A Tueller and had 11 children. He passed away on 23 Nov 1969 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA.

Sarah Tueller - Born in Geneva, Bear Lake, Idaho, USA on 1898 to Gottlieb Tueller and Anna Katherine Woern. Sarah married Glenn Roberts Fisher and had 11 children. She passed away on 6 Sep 1990 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA.

found on the internet written by
Jan Clark

Glen Roberts Fisher, son of Walter and Rachel Roberts Fisher, was born June 10, 1896 at Smithfield Utah. He attended school in Utah but was more interested in play ball then attending classes most of the time.

He was good help around home, on the farm, taking care of the cattle and horses, so was kept out of school many times for this.

His father was hauling milk to Borden plant in Logan. When Glen finished the seventh grade his dad was called to fulfil a mission to England so Glen took over the milk hauling job. Glen, his mother and sisters, milked the cows and took care of the farm.

There was no electricity therefore chores had to be done by lantern light. His mom felt bad that he couldn’t keep going to school, but she was very proud of him being able to talk over the milk route, although it was necessary to install a step on the back of the wagon so that he could hoist the cans of milk on the step, then up on the flat bed on the wagon.

He had two sisters, Alice two years, and Rae, five years younger than him and his mother to help him do what they could. He had a brother 10 years and a sister thirteen years younger who were too young to help.

For about fifteen years he made the trip to Logan every day with the wagon and horses. Now his brother was old enough to help him, and with trucks now, instead of wagon and horses, they went everyday until their own boys were old enough to take over. The last several years they hauled to the Sego Milk Plant at Richmond, Utah.

Glen loved to ride horses; His best pastime was playing baseball, where he was star pitcher. Their team would go to the neighbouring towns to play and would always win their games. He remembers Bishop Miles taking them in his big red car.

Glen recalls the Indians coming to their home to beg for food and money, and how he and his sisters were so afraid of them.

Glen loved to hunt and fish. He went on many fishing trips with his friends up Logan Canyon driving horses and wagons. His friends would say “if Glen couldn’t catch some fish, there just wasn’t any where they were fishing.” He was always sure to catch his share and more.

It was the same on their hunting trips. He was always sure to get his deer or elk, also his limit of pheasants. He enjoyed these days together with family.

I April 1914, Sara Tueller and her family moved from Geneva, Idaho to Smithfield. When they got to Franklin, Idaho it began to rain. It was late afternoon when they came to Smithfield. Their furniture hadn’t arrived yet. They were invited to have dinner with Rachel and Walter Fisher family. That was the day Sara and Glen met.

They kept company for about two years. They were married, January 8, 1919 in the Logan Temple. They made their home with the Fisher family. Glen was hauling milk on a hob sleigh with horses. With no protection from the cold in the winter he contracted flu and was ill for a month or more.

His mother was a habitual worrier and Glen must have inherited the trait form her. He would always find something to worry and fret about. This caused he to have many unhappy times, and would become annoyed with Sara because she didn’t join him in worrying about certain things that seemed to insignificant to her. After buying a home Glen worried so much so much about how they were going to pay for it, he developed and ulcer, and was home most of that next winter.

In July 1955 they out he had diabetes. Just worrying about it made him feel worse. Spring 1956 Glen sold his share of the farm to his brother, Firm because the heavy farm work became too strenuous for him. His sons wanted him to come to Pocatello, and go into business with them. So he and Sara did.
A drive-in hamburger stand was on the property they bought Dixie and Cheryl helped in the drive-in until they transferred to Logan with the telephone company.

They rented George England’s home while the station was being built. October 1957 they bought a home on Gray Street and then moved to Fisher’s Trailer Park to be managers there. He loved to go over to the station to help the boys out and ride in the Oil Truck.

Glen worked hard all of his adult life which began at an early age. He was a good father to his children and certainly taught them all how to work. He was always honest and tried to teach them to be the same.


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[2] Alice Fisher (1898 - 1940)

Alice Fisher - Born in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA on 17 Oct 1898 to Walter Fisher and Rachel Roberts.
Alice married Merle Robert Baker. She passed away on 29 Nov 1940 in Oxford, Franklin, Idaho, USA.


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[3] Rachel Fisher (1901 - uknown)

Rachel Fisher - Born in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA on 22 Jun 1901 to Walter Fisher and Rachel Roberts.


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[4] Walter Fisher (1903 - 1904)

Walter Fisher - Born in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA on 4 Sep 1903 to Walter Fisher and Rachel Roberts.
He passed away on 28 Oct 1904.


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[5] Firm Fisher (1906 - 1966)

Firm Fisher - Born in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA on 28 Jun 1906 to Walter Fisher and Rachel Roberts.
Firm married Elizabeth Whittle on Jun 01, 1927 at Smithfield, Cache, Utah and had 6 children. He passed away on Dec 05, 1966 in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA.

Elizabeth Whittle - Born Oct 17, 1905 at Richmond Cache County Utah,to Frederick Harris Whittle and Dorothy Minnie Thomas. - Elizabeth died Jun. 27, 2002 at Logan Cache County Utah, USA
Firm and Elizaberth's Grave -


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[6] Gayle Fisher - (1911 - 1995)

Gayle Fisher - Born Oct 19, 1911 Smithfield Cache County Utah, USA - Married Cluley Kidd Greaves a widower - Died Mar. 21, 1995 Preston Franklin County Idaho, USA.

Cluley Kidd Greaves - Born Oct. 19, 1894 at Preston Franklin County Idaho, USA Son of Thomas Cluley Greaves & Hannah Kidd - Death: May 10, 1978


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